Parents get a great tool for developing little one's communication skills with "Say It With A Sign" Volume 2.

October 05, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News

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AUSTIN, TX. October 4, 2004- A year ago, Timeline Productions debuted the first in a series of three sign language videos for infants babies and toddlers called "Say It With A Sign'. Now, after a highly successful year full of happy, satisfied customers asking for more, Say It With A Sign' Volume 2 is here. Volume 2 picks up where the first video left off, adding to and enhancing the vocabulary groundwork laid in the first video. It expands on some of the original categories like food and animals, and creates new categories like clothes and nature to help kids continue to understand and connect with the world around them. It's full of colorful animation, fun sound effects, and great live shots of other kids. These elements combined with clear sign demonstrations and a repetitive format make for a video that engages, delights, and effectively teaches children from 6 months to 5 years old.

Timeline has been overwhelmed at the positive feedback they have gotten from Volume 1. Tracy Sabel, and Early Childhood Intervention Specialist and Speech Language Pathologist wrote this review " Hooray! A fun stimulating video of baby signs is finally available. As a speech-language pathologist, I have introduced "baby signs" to my clients for years now. There's no simpler way for your baby to begin communicating and this video is a great place to start.' Marsha Ecklund, a public school system speech therapist writes " The format does hold my students attention. I appreciate the opportunity to use the videos with my students and I plan to incorporate it into their daily activities.' And a parent from Cincinati Ohio took time to send this e-mail "Given a choice of videos ranging from Disney and cartoons to educational stuff, my daughter always picks your video first. Thank you for such a great teaching tool I can't wait to get Volume 2.' And every day the praise keeps coming.

Across the board, parents, teachers, and speech specialists are in agreement- "Say It With A Sign' is a hit as a teaching tool and entertaining video for young kids. The anticipated arrival of "Say It With A Sign' Volume 2 simply makes for twice the fun and learning.

Timeline Productions was established in 1996 by Dawn Alexander and Nora Salinas. Salinas' daughter Liliana has been and continues to be the constant inspiration for the sign language series and the company is growing right along with her. They are in the process of producing "Say It With A Sign' Volumes 1 and 2 in DVD format and are beginning production on Volume 3. For, more information on the "Say It With A Sign' video series or more in-depth information on the benefits of signing with children visit the website at: or contact Timeline Productions by phone at
(512) 349-9436 or via e-mail at