Manufacturers Confidently Validate Cleanliness of Products with Ion Chromatography Provided by Innovatech Labs

July 23, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Minneapolis, MN July 23, 2009 — - Innovatech Labs, a leading materials testing laboratory, uses ion chromatography to help manufacturers in a wide-spectrum of industries validate the cleanliness of products prior to market shipment or in the event of failure.

Manufacturers, including those of electronic circuit boards and plastic components, share the need to validate the cleanliness of products. For an electrical circuit board, cleanliness issues can be a culprit for shorts and failures. For plastics, many manufacturers must ensure the cleanliness of components prior to shipping components to end use manufacturers.

Ion chromatography is an analytical technique that validates product cleanliness based on the separation of the ionic species in a solution by selective adsorption. Ultimately, cleanliness testing through ion chromatography empowers manufacturers to assuredly go to market with the highest quality products and components.

"Ion chromatography is a powerful solution for manufacturers ensuring both efficient time to market and the effectiveness of products once they reach market," states Gary Smith, President of Innovatech Labs. "It is one way to both test products for cleanliness and identify contaminants."

In the instance of circuit boards, ion chromatography can help identify high levels of ionic contaminants that can contribute to shortages. In the case of plastics or metallic components, ion chromatography can identify residual cleaning agents used in the manufacturing process that must be removed from components prior to product shipment.

"Since every product is unique, Innovatech Labs works to perfect testing, including ion chromatography, that will validate a vast array of products," continues Smith. "Because of this, our labs have an inherent knowledge of what tests will be most effective to validate what types of products."

Discover more about ion chromatography by visiting the Innovatech Labs website to learn more about the manufacturing support provided by this company.

About Innovatech Labs
Innovatech Labs is contract materials testing lab specializing in materials characterization. Our rapid turnaround times (typically 5 business days or less) eliminate lengthy downtimes waiting for testing lab results for our customers in manufacturing. We pride ourselves on being our customer's first resource for analytical testing lab services. We will help you decide which analytical technique best suits your needs. If we don't have that technique in house, we will help you locate a lab that does.

Innovatech Labs offers a broad range of analytical techniques in our testing lab, including surface spectroscopies (ESCA/XPS, AUGER, SEM/EDS), organic spectroscopies (FTIR, GC/MS), ion chromatography (IC), and liquid particle counting (LPC).