MYTRYBE Launches Like-minded People Social Network

July 24, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
New York, NY July 24, 2009 a social network that connects users to like-minded people today announced its launch. Users can now communicate with their like-minded people a.k.a. their "Trybe" like they currently do with friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.

"People naturally gravitate to others who share personal values. They become friends, colleagues, lovers, and sources of valued information," says CEO Daniel Gluck. "MyTrybe's main focus is now on facilitating communication between you and your most like-minded people."

MyTrybe's interface highlights a simple, real-time newsfeed from a user's Trybe. Users can post thoughts, ask questions, share ideas and links as they do with people they know on Facebook and Twitter but with their most like-minded people. Users can also send private messages, follow, poke, and interact in other ways.

"People are excited to discover and build social connections to others who share their personal opinions, values and behavior. It's like going to a friend's party or social event where you don't know anyone personally but do know they share your sensibilities," says Gluck. "MyTrybe enables users to connect to their personal psychographic of users and interact with them as they do with known friends and colleagues."

MyTrybe believes people increasingly value quality over quantity in their social connections. Whereas Twitter, Facebook and other networks can encourage mass follows and friend fatigue, MyTrybe offers users the ability to build meaningful social networks by vetting only the most behaviorally similar people.

A user's Trybe is built through the processing of ratings, quizzes, and other user behavior with its patent-pending algorithms. MyTrybe's engine continually searches for and refines a user's Trybe in real-time, keeping them connected to the activity of their top 200 most similar people in areas like style, art, humor, and more. Users can check see a visual compatibility breakdown between themselves and any other user by visiting their profile page.

About MyTrybe: Founded in 2007, MyTrybe's mission is to bring together like-minded people based on their shared values. Anyone can sign up for MyTrybe and interact with people like themselves, based on their behavioral similarity. MyTrybe is privately held and headquartered in New York, NY.