Minneapolis Web Design Firm helps define Landing Pages

July 27, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Rocket 55, a Minneapolis web design firm (www.rocket55.com), has taken the psychology of web design to the next level by conducting new tests in conjunction with the help of 50 volunteers and a licensed psychologist. What are the immediate perceptions of a visitor to your website? Most studies show that viewers form an opinion of a web page within two seconds. That means that a competitive, modern business has a very low margin of error when it comes to shaping message and content delivery.

"We feel that this study has shed a great deal of light on the mindset of the average Internet browser." Says Steven Ayres, President of Rocket 55. Primary findings focus on the importance of three primary concepts with shaping an effective website. Shared Vision: It is vitally important to understand what you are selling and what need you are filling. Is that vision being quickly and concisely conveyed through bold keywords and images?

Singularity of Purpose: It is hard for many companies to nail down what they do to one thing. But this study has shown that the most effective landing pages convey one theme and one purpose. If your company sells more than one category of product then you should come up with a broader definition of goods and services that encapsulates the segments of your business.

Emergent Properties: What is the primary message that is being formed by the average viewer of a home page? Images, shapes, blocks of text and even colors all become one in the first moments that an individual lays eyes on a landing page. All of these elements should be in harmony with one another and not be over powering. The primary importance is that the viewer perceive professionalism.

The full details of this study will be available on CIO.com in the fall of 2009.