Los Angeles Fire Protection Systems Company Promotes Ventless Hoods

July 30, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
July 30, 2009 -DENVER, COLORADO- NFP Corp. has begun a promotion of ventless commercial hoods at its new satellite location in California.

The company has sold ventless kitchen hoods for years, but a recent incident prompted the Los Angeles fire systems company to make sure potential customers are aware of this option when they inquire about hood sales and hood installation services, said Farazandeh, general manager of Nationwide Fire Protection Corp. NFP, which is headquartered in Denver, CO, has installed Los Angeles fire protection equipment, as well as commercial kitchen hoods, for more than 20 years.

A ventless hood is a kitchen exhaust hood that can be used in commercial kitchens that use electric instead of gas, Farazandeh said. This type of hood recirculates air instead of using a vent to remove fumes, smoke and steam generated during the cooking process.

Ventless hoods use one or more filters to remove these impurities from the air and eliminate odors. They are nearly as effective as vented hoods, but require more frequent cleaning to ensure they remain in optimum working condition.

"When you're a commercial operation and you're given the choice of implementing something that requires more cleaning or shutting down your entire operation, it's not a difficult choice to make," Farazandeh said.

That was the case with a recent customer in the Los Angeles area. A large company in a 20-story building that occupies about five floors had an area where food was prepared daily for employees. The local fire department told them they no longer could prepare food because there was no vented hood system.

"The problem was that there was no way to install a vented system," Farazandeh said. "There was no room anywhere to run a duct up to the roof or out the side of the building."

Once Farazandeh learned that the kitchen appliances were electric and not gas, he presented the ventless hood option.

"They were so happy," he said. "They had been so worried about how to solve this issue."

The scenario made Farazandeh wonder if there is enough information available about ventless hood systems for potential customers to refer to when making a determination on the best hood system for their uses, he said.
"This event just drove home the idea that we need to make sure customers understand that this is a viable option," Farazandeh said. "Having this option makes spaces that might otherwise have not been ideal for commercial kitchens available."

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Chief Executive Officer Massoud Farazandeh founded Nationwide Fire Protection Corp. in 1989 and grew the business into a national leader in fire protection and hood cleaning of restaurants and facilities. The company's comprehensive service offerings enable businesses to do what they do best, which is to focus on their customers and their business. In turn, NFP focuses on what it knows best- keeping businesses in compliance and ensuring the safety of restaurants, staff and patrons.

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