July 29, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Hesco Bastion Limited, the manufacturer of patented Concertainer® units used in military force protection, homeland security and flood protection, announced today that Four Horsemen International, Inc. of New Jersey has agreed to cease and desist from infringing Hesco's patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Four Horsemen's website had represented that it sold "Hesco" products and purported to show a picture of such products. However, Four Horsemen has never been an authorized seller of Hesco products or a licensed user of its intellectual property.

Four Horsemen agreed to immediately remove all references to Hesco products and photographs from its website and to stop infringing any Hesco patent, trademark or copyright or engaging in any act of unfair competition or false advertising in the future.

Tim Bamford of Withers LLP, Hesco's lead UK attorney, said that the agreement with Four Horsemen is another in Hesco's ongoing effort to police its intellectual property rights. Hesco is represented in the United States by Patton Boggs LLP. The Patton Boggs team consisted of IP litigation partners Richard J. Oparil, Scott A.M. Chambers, Ph.D., and Kevin M. Bell.

Hesco's patented Concertainer units have become the most popular means within the military of protecting personnel and facilities against secondary fragmentation, saving countless lives and mission critical assets. They have been used by military forces including the U.S. Army, Marine Corps. and Air Force, NATO and the UN in major conflict areas, including in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Concertainer units were recently used for flood protection in the Midwest.