Sinai SEO Marketing Has Google Marketing at the Top of its Web Marketing Tactics

August 03, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
August 3, 2009 - BOULDER, CO - Businesses today need a Web presence to keep up with the competition.

The almighty "click" is becoming just as important as the almighty dollar. Businesses looking to gain an edge online measure their success by conversions, or getting viewers to register, subscribe, contact, or just browse the company Web site. The challenge for businesses is to use the best methods available to get more eyes viewing their goods. But what is the best method?

According to a recent study published by Forbes, the best way to generate conversions is through search engine optimization (SEO). Out of all the marketers polled, 48% reported SEO to be the best method, and 53% of marketers with budgets over $1 million prefer SEO as the core of Web success.

"SEO greatly enhances your chances to be found on the Web," said Ali Husayni, president of Sinai Marketing, a SEO company. "Even the biggest businesses can get lost in the vastness of the Web. If it were easy to have a place on the top of Google, companies like Sinai wouldn't exist. It is a delicate business, but it has proven to work."

SEO helps a Web site's visibility by refining the site's language so that it becomes a stronger choice when a Web surfer performs a search. "The key is to recognize your key audience and think like them," said Husayni. "For instance, if Sinai is working on dental Web site marketing for a client, we have to think in terms of what words people use when they search for a dentist. Then we build the client's entire Google marketing efforts around those 100-200 words."

Google SEO companies like Sinai have to pump fresh content on to the sites as well. This reinforces those pivotal keywords and strengthens a site's results on the search engines. Everything from building a client's Web site to creating press releases, articles, and other forms of content to disseminate across the Web is all a part of the SEO process says Husayni. "We've bumped clients up from practically nonexistent rankings on any search engine from Yahoo! to MSN to Google. It can take time, but it works," said Google marketing expert Husayni.

Secondary methods from the poll included e-mailing and e-newsletter tactics, followed by pay-per-click/search methods. Tertiary tactics included behavioral targeting, sponsorships, viral marketing, ad networks, video ads, and more.

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