Small Businesses Emulate Apple & Starbucks Brand Models for Optimal Success: BrandU™ Shows Entrepreneurs How-to Steps for Economic Recovery

August 03, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Los Angeles, CA (August 3, 2009)- Branding experts and BrandU™ co-creators Kim Castle & Vito Montone reveal that struggling small businesses hit by the recession can recover what's been lost by simply replicating top strategies of business conglomerates like Apple, Starbucks, Target, Disney, and Virgin.

"With 25+ years working with fortune 500 companies in developing their brands, we've got the inside scoop," said BrandU™ co-creator Kim Castle. "We know exactly how Starbucks developed their reliable customer base, and we teach entrepreneurs how to approach their business just like them, on a shoe string budget."

According to the July 2009 issue of Inc. Magazine, most companies have felt the need to naturally put expansions on hold during a downturn economy. Businesses are continuously being advised that now is the time for expansion and Castle & Montone couldn't agree more.

"While it may seem like an endless funnel of struggle right now, all is not lost!" commented brand builder and BrandU™ co-creator W. Vito Montone. Now is the time for small businesses to rebound, to recapture what they've lost, and to make sure it never happens again; and there are exact steps how."

Using a science-backed curriculum successfully tested on successful brands, small businesses are taken through a step-by-step process using the same blueprint used by brands like Wolfgang Puck, General Motors and Domino's Pizza. They learn the importance of developing their brand, what to do to make people think of them first, how to enhance their perceived value, and how to create desire so that people buy from them again and again — just like value-creating kings Starbucks and Apple who sell at a premium.

And while small businesses can and should emulate the big brands, concurrently, they have a significant advantage because the playing field is now completely level. The small business owner is closer to the ground, closer to the customers, can move faster; and can make more money without anyone above limiting them.

"Entrepreneurs have the power to truly change things because they have the power to create something real from just an idea," added Castle. "In the heartfelt hopes of reaching a life of overflow, everyday people are answering the call and taking the entrepreneurial leap as the creator of his or her own reality. It's really amazing!"

To learn how-to steps for economic recovery for small businesses, listen to BrandU™ co-creators Kim Castle and W. Vito Montone:

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