Dreamweaver Extensions Site Launches Straightforward New Design Resource

August 10, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Paulo, August 10, 2009 (PRLEAP) – A growing number of designers, seasoned professionals and newcomers alike, are turning to Adobe's Dreamweaver program to create websites that achieve a modern, stylish visual aesthetic without requiring much coding knowledge. Aiming to provide options to make Dreamweaver as versatile and powerful as free-form website creation, several development firms and freelancing professionals have crafted Dreamweaver-specific extensions, and it is this quickly-evolving spirit of innovation that's behind the establishment of DreamweaverExtensions.org , which recently opened its virtual doors to the public.

The site operates as a collection of reviews, details, and organizational tools for Dreamweaver designers rather than an individual producer of extensions. Able to reliably link those searching for both specific products and a general look at the available items for a range of functions or applications, the site serves as a valuable interface for finding the most appropriate extension for a given job. The site's creators have structured the portal with the needs of busy designers in mind, avoiding gimmicky features and unruly visual elements that make other similar offerings a hassle to navigate. Presenting its information to site visitors in a clean, straightforward manner allows for easy and swift understanding of the type of extensions being viewed, as well as its benefits and limitations. Answering the basic question, "what does this extension do?" for each entry, the directory-cum-guidebook delivers information concisely and clearly, in just the right format to reach designers in an ideal way.

Representing a wide variety of extension developers, DreamweaverExtensions.org also helps the creators of these in-demand tools direct designers to their respective sites and product feature pages, resulting in greater exposure and potential for sales. Yet the site is committed to dependable objectivity, seeking to inform about and help fortify those extensions which truly deserve it, rather than referring designers to the highest bidder. Extension developers without a dedicated online space for their products can host their extensions directly on the site, as well.

Site users can take advantage of a powerful advanced search function that leads to the display of a distinctive set of available extensions for nearly any Dreamweaver function. Browsing by developer is also able to help match designers with great extensions, as is the upcoming recommendation feature, which is just one of many improvements already slated for early release on the site.

With its user-friendly design, driven missions of ease and efficiency, and rare commitment to steering clear of bias, DreamweaverExtensions.org promises to challenge similar sites and add an incredible arsenal of tools to today's Dreamweaver users. Expanding upon the site creation program's basic dedication to simplifying the process of turning an idea into a fully-functional website, DreamweaverExtensions.org is the natural –and very necessary— result of the modern era of design and development.