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August 18, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
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Kangen Water™ is one of the healthiest, vibrant forms of living water left on the planet today. Mimicking a natural water phenomenon that has been named "Miracle Water" by scientists it is a form of natural and pristine water that can only be found in five natural "untouched" places throughout the entire world. This Japanese technology that makes Kangen Water™ has managed to duplicate this "Miracle Water" in your very own home, by using regular tap water!

With so many individuals today becoming interested in preventive health, anti-oxidization, alkalizing and detoxifying their bodies, Kangen Water™ has become the primary choice and the best resource to use while journeying down the path to health. The water industry has become a multibillion dollar business over the last fifteen years due to the growing awareness of contaminants in our water sources. What many bottled water companies don't tell their customers is that a high percentage of bottled water is actually no different than regular tap water! And yes, even those who claim to be "100% all natural spring water" with those unregulated fancy labels. Much of that water actually includes millions of bacteria's and pollutants that they can legally slide through the political cracks, so long as they leave no immediate and traceable effects on a person's body. Pretty interesting huh? We won't even bother to expand on the growing plastic bottle issue with regards to our dying environment and the leaching of harmful chemicals due to using these plastics. is the exclusive distributor for Kangen Water™ ionization filtration devices. Many people these days are extremely interested in living a much healthier lifestyle and most of that begins with what they put in their bodies. With the human body being made up of almost 70% water realizes that it is important for most of the water that we consume to be made up of the healthiest and most beneficially structured water possible. is a free resource allowing the public to connect with US and Canadian distributors and receive free educational eBooks, newsletters and DVDs. To learn more about Kangen Water™ please visit

Kangen Water™ is something that most website visitors will want some sort of education on before anyone decides to move forward. PH Drinking Water even offers a free DVD explaining all of the important details on Kangen Water™ and how it can drastically benefit a person's well being. A visitor to PH Drinking Water can also watch numerous videos regarding Kangen Water™ and its importance for a healthy diet. A website visitor can also listen to a few video testimonials from other people who have started drinking Kangen Water™ and the numerous positive side effects in which have occurred from drinking the anti-oxidizing water.

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