Online Memorial Site Announces New Book on Children and Grief

August 20, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Portland, OR Valley of Life, an online memorial and remembrance service based in West Hills, California, announces the availability of its new eBook, A Guide to Children and Grief. The book provides an introduction to common issues for grieving children and answers questions like:

How do children grieve differently than adults?
What should an adult say and do to help a grieving child?
How should support for a grieving 7-year-old differ from that given to a 13-year-old?
What resources are available to help me and my child cope with loss?

"In the course of growing my web site and talking with site members, I noticed a lack of easy-to-understand books for adults who are caring for grieving children," said Miri Rossitto, Valley of Life founder and author of A Guide to Children and Grief. "I wrote this guide to try to fill that gap by providing helpful information on how children grieve, how to recognize it and how to nurture the child through that difficult time."

A Guide to Children and Grief can be downloaded from the Valley of Life web site at . The book sells for $4.99 USD. Additionally, a free chapter of the book can be from the Valley of Life home page, .

"By the age of 18, one in five kids will have someone close to them die. Parents, teachers, babysitters, nannies so many adults find themselves interacting with children struggling with grief. It is truly important that they are informed on how to provide as much support and encouragement as they need," said Rossitto. "I tried to make an easy-to-read guide for those in a position to help these children."

Valley of Life provides a free, safe environment for loved ones and friends to tell the "Life Story" of someone who has passed away. Any visitor to the site can register for a free account and build a custom online memorial for their loved one. A Guide to Children and Grief is the first in what will be a series of Valley of Life eBook resources on grief, bereavement and funeral planning.

Valley of Life also offers comprehensive information on end-of-life planning, funeral service planning, grief/bereavement services, and gifts and flowers.

About Valley of Life

Valley of Life has a simple mission to create a safe and loving environment where families and friends can pay tribute to those that they have loved and lost. It was started in the fall of 2006 after the founder, Miri Rossitto lost her mother. Respecting her mother's wishes to not carry out a traditional funeral service, Miri created the site as a way to honor her mother and allow those that knew her to do the same. Valley of Life strives to be a means to healing during the grieving process, as well as a long-term way to honor loved ones no matter where in the world life may take you.

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