Monmouth Durafoam™ Passes the Test of Time

August 21, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Monmouth Rubber and Plastics Corp. is the only closed cell rubber maker approved to provide all five types of the material used by Chrysler.

Chrysler released the information earlier this summer in a material standard document concerning EPDM closed cell rubber.

"We're the only manufacturers who have products that meet all five grades," Monmouth President John M. Bonforte Sr. said. The greatest number approved from any other closed cell rubber maker is two. Beyond that, Monmouth is the sole manufacturer to supply a material that meets two of the grades.

Monmouth's current relationship with Chrysler harkens back to 1979, when Chrysler was facing another financial disaster and its K cars were plagued with leaky gaskets around their rear lamp housings.

Despite the automaker's apparently shaky future, Bonforte sought and secured a meeting with the Detroit company. He was certain his Durafoam™ closed cell rubber was the answer to the K cars' gasketing woes.

And Bonforte was right. Durafoam™ C191XLDS's softness, conformity and closed cell structure allowed for foolproof sealing.

"We were there for Chrysler when there were very few people there for them in 1979," Bonforte said. "And we're there for them now."

That loyalty to customers is the driving force behind his own company's success, he said.

"We're focused on customers, not numbers, not on buying other companies or on how big our sales are. Our focus is on customers, wherever that leads us."

Those customers include other car companies like Ford, Toyota and Honda. And Monmouth's singular focus has led to Durafoam's™ compliance with a wide range of specifications, including MSAY 430 A, B, C; GM 6086M; SAE J18; ASTM-D-1056; MIL-C-3133; MIL-R-6130; ASTM 6576; and ASTM-D-3575.

For more information on Monmouth's Durafoam™ products, contact John M. Bonforte Jr. at 1-888-FOAM-888 or 1-732-229-3444, ext. 29, or visit the Monmouth website at