Magic Pins Enters Partnership With T-Mobile To Offer Direct-To-Account Refill Services

August 21, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
PHILADELPHIA, August 21, 2009 Magic Pins, a leading prepaid wireless distributor in North America, has announced a special partnership with T-Mobile to bring the T-Mobile Direct-To-Account (D2A) program to Magic Pins partners nationwide. Selected to integrate with T-Mobile to offer the program, Magic Pins will make D2A immediately available to its retailers and partner distributors. The D2A program enables T-Mobile customers to refill their prepaid mobile phones instantly, without the intermediate step of acquiring and entering a refill PIN.

"Magic Pins is proud to add the D2A program to our T-Mobile offerings," said Anurag Jain, President of Magic Pins. "We are always actively seeking ways to bring improved operational speed, ease of use, and profitability to our retailers and other partners. This program is a natural choice for us."

The T-Mobile program streamlines the prepaid phone refill process, eliminating the often cumbersome step of purchasing refill coupons in set amounts, and entering those coupon PINs into the phone to activate the account replenishment. With D2A, dealers simply enter the paid amount and the mobile number into the D2A module in the Magic Pins portal, and the amount is instantly credited to the customer's prepaid wireless account with no further action necessary.

"It's one of the most important evolutions the prepaid wireless industry has ever seen," said Bill Davis, T-Mobile National Manager for Prepaid Wireless. "With the latest technology, we can make the process of refilling a T-Mobile prepaid phone almost effortless."

The D2A program, while forward-thinking, requires adept distributorship to help retailers establish and use the capability. "We at T-Mobile are eager to make this available to as many of our customers as possible, but not every T-Mobile retailer has the technology necessary to implement the program," said Davis. "That's where technologically excellent distributors like Magic Pins become so important. The platform they bring to their partners is a perfect fit for game-changing programs like ours."

Magic Pins is providing the D2A program to its retail and distributor partners, including existing point-of-sale activation (POSA) company partners who connect to T-Mobile through Magic Pins. "We're confident that enabling our partners to offer instant, one-step refills for T-Mobile prepaid phones will help them attract new customers and increase the volume from their existing customers. It's a real competitive advantage," said Jain. "Magic Pins is excited to roll D2A out to our partners nationwide." For more information about D2A and partnership opportunities, contact the company at

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