Alternative Cisco Provider MLCP Becomes Equipment Supplier to Manufacturers

August 24, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Torrance, CA August 24, 2009 MULTI-LINK Communications Products (MLCP) has, for years, been known as the leading alternate provider of new and refurbished Cisco hardware to companies all over the globe by providing quicker lead times, better prices, and longer warranties than its competitors, but in recent months, MLCP has expanded their client base to-surprisingly enough, manufacturers themselves. Nearly once a month, a rep from one of the big equipment manufacturers contacts MLCP looking to buy new surplus or even refurbished equipment-manufactured by their own company-to supply customers because they don't have the product their customer needs.

"This year alone, we've had three different people from Juniper call us to see if we can locate specific models of their own equipment and Foundry called us last week," explains Eric Tanaka, President of MULTI-LINK Communications Products. "They basically sell out of a product, then look to us to see if we can locate one. It's a huge compliment really. They know we supply high quality products to our mutual customers and while they could call a hundred different alternate suppliers, the manufacturers themselves choose to call us." And why wouldn't they? MLCP sells the exact same new surplus or refurbished and tested equipment from major manufacturers like Cisco Systems, Juniper, Foundry, Adtran and others at a fraction of the price. MULTI-LINK's customers have known for years that they can save considerable amounts of money by straying from the distribution chain and buying from MLCP. Obviously the reps at Juniper and Foundry are looking for items they don't have in stock, but the general public has even more choices when dealing with an alternate provider like MLCP. "We have a huge global network that we work with," says Tanaka. "If we can't find the product you need here in the States, we can have it shipped from Canada, Europe, even Asia. And although we sell a lot of brand new OEM equipment, we can also supply refurbished networking equipment - even if it's been end-of-life'd in addition to offering 100% compatible third-party options for memory & transceivers. It all depends on the needs of our customers and how much they want to spend."

Ironically enough, many of the heavy-hitting equipment manufacturers have publicly denounced alternate equipment providers in general, and then come to MLCP for help when they didn't have the products their customers needed. "I understand where they're coming from," explains Tanaka. "Of course they can't tell the world that we're supplying the same high-quality equipment-often more affordably— that they're selling themselves. They're in the business to make money. But they also know that we do offer these products and, because we have a larger network to draw from, we can often deliver them much more quickly. They know that we're fast and reliable and they're going to take advantage of that.

Since 1995, MULTI-LINK Communications has been a reliable supplier of network hardware and equipment from Cisco and other companies like Juniper, Foundry, and many more. The company buys used equipment for generous trade-in credit or cash, and sells both new and refurbished equipment at discount prices. Whether you need to replace a simple network cable, or upgrade to an entirely new system with higher-performing Cisco routers, start and end your search with MLCP.

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