New Workflow Process Manager for ACOM's` EZContentManager 3.8.0 Document Management System, Allows Process Visualization at Any Stage

August 26, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
LONG BEACH, California, August 26, 2009 ACOM Solutions, Inc., a leading developer and marketer of integrated corporate payment and document output/management solutions, has introduced a fully reengineered workflow module for its browser-based EZContentManager 3.8.0 electronic document management solution (, further reducing the need for paper-based processes, extending visibility and access to documents, and slashing exposure to risk and litigation, it was announced today by Vice President Sam Mikhail.

"The new Process Manager not only expedites business processes, but also it provides a clear visualization of every process at every stage," Mikhail said. "While intuitive to use, it also imposes disciplines to assure that users follow the precise protocols of each process, precluding short-cuts and maintaining a clear and comprehensive audit log increasingly important in a climate of increasing regulation and litigation."

According to Mikhail, the Process Manager module was completely redesigned and rewritten, replacing an earlier linear operating methodology with visibility at any point in a process, while streamlining and simplifying user interaction through a drag-and-drop graphical interface. It strikes the optimum balance between cost and functionality, focusing on the features most needed in ACOM's mid-size business and corporate department markets.

Additionally, Mikhail said, the new Process Manager module is now open to processes external to the ACOM environment, including email applications, line-of-business applications and various custom-developed programs.

Key features include:
- Graphical user-friendly process modeling designer
- Drag & drop design with no custom programming
- Flexible integration with external applications through custom tasks
- Role-based user management model with detailed audit logs
- Easy integration with other tools and applications throughout the organization
- Automatic, customizable email alerts and escalation triggers
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Browser Support
- Document type search across any metadata fields

"Accounts payable and accounts receivable are prime examples of areas that can benefit enormously from process enhancements enabled by this advanced workflow module, along with other paper-intensive operations such as human resources, warehousing and shipping, and manufacturing," Mikhail said. "Benefits range from reduced operating expenses and improved productivity to real-time end-to-end visibility into processes, engendering more informed decision-making, more concise risk management and more effective regulatory compliance."

Importantly, Mikhail added, the standards based architecture employed by EZContentManager makes the solution and its modules quick and easy to deploy and results in exceptionally fast return on investment, often in weeks or months, depending on the application.

Customers with current maintenance contracts may request a free upgrade by calling 800-603-6768.

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