August 27, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
For a limited time, is offering anyone interested in becoming a Live-in Home stager an opportunity to receive $100 for using their free online service to find and stage a home. You may be eligible to receive 100.00 by simply creating a free account and posting your profile as a live-in home stager on the new website,

Today's depressed real estate market has given fresh legs to an old concept - using live-in home stagers. This is someone who lives temporarily in a vacant home for sale, bringing their own furniture and their own "life" to that home…and, in the process, making it more sellable for the owner. The new website, is a gateway to the only national database that helps bring home sellers and potential live-in home stagers together.

The benefits of being a live-in home stager are many. These people often get the chance to live in magnificent homes – homes on the beach with hot-tub and pool, or mountain retreats with panoramic views – for a fraction of the what it would cost for a mortgage or to rent an average house. is the product of Florida businesswoman, Valerie Szymaniak and it's catching on rapidly in this economy.

"It's a win-win situation for both the owner and the live-in home stager," Szymaniak says. "the combination of a slow real-estate market and a red hot rental market has created an opportunity that a lot of people didn't know about but is now accessible to anyone through"

The real life examples posted on the site are impressive. One home-stager lived in a multi-million dollar mansion for $1,500 a month. Another lived in a five-bedroom mountain retreat for $750 a month - and what does the stager have to do in return? Not that much, really. They have to have furniture suitable for the house they are staging, take decent care of the home, and they have to leave, obviously, when the home is sold.

"For certain types of people," Valerie Szymaniak says, "it's a really great lifestyle. You can check out an area in which you're considering buying. You can sample different lifestyles - you can live like royalty – for a fraction of the mortgage actually paid by the owner every month."

And it's a "win" for the homeowner too… For one thing, they get the benefits of home staging which helps to sell the house faster, without the exorbitant cost. It also gives them a degree of security they wouldn't normally receive from traditional home staging because someone is living in the house. .

We all know about the glut of vacant homes on the market. shows potential live in stagers how to benefit. More details are available on the site;