Zerona Body Contouring in Austin Area by Austin Wellness Clinic

August 28, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Austin, TX August 28, 2009 Austin Wellness Clinic - An Austin, Texas-based integrative medical practice is among the first to offer the revolutionary Zerona laser for weight loss and body contouring in the Austin area. With recent FDA approval, Zerona uses a patented laser frequency to safely melt fat in targeted places for an overall slimming and sculpted effect.

Zerona laser technology works on a cellular level, opening a pore in the fat cell which allows fat to leak out into the interstitial space. The body then excretes fat during its natural detoxification process. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of Zerona, with average patients losing between three to nine inches from their waist, hips, and thighs without any dieting or exercise.

Zerona Laser Treatments are completely painless with none of the incisions, scarring, or bruising associated with invasive weight loss options such as liposuction and lap band surgery. Additionally, Zerona costs less than half the average liposuction procedure, can be highly targeted in application, and has a slimming effect on areas not directly treated as well, due to cellular communication throughout the body. The effects of Zerona will be seen after only two weeks of treatments, though some patients choose to do more depending on their goals.

Austin Wellness Clinic plans to use Zerona Laser Therapy as an adjunct to its already popular hCG weight loss programs, as well as offer Zerona as a separate treatment for those interested in fast fat loss similar to the effects of liposuction. According to Dr. John Haest, Medical Director at Austin Wellness Clinic, "The Zerona laser comes as a natural next step for the Austin Wellness Clinic and our patient base. We already provide the education and support to help people make the lifestyle change necessary for Zerona to be most effective with lasting results. Our patients will keep their weight off."

The Austin Wellness Clinic is an integrative medical practice. We bring together the best conventional medical and therapeutic practices to live happier lives without relying on prescription medications. For more information on Zerona Laser Treatments, and Zerona's relation to weight loss in general as well as additional services including hCG weight loss, bioidentical hormone therapy, & food allergy testing and visit Zerona page at