Superior Lamp Announces New heavy Duty L.E.D. Lamps

September 08, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Superior Lamp Inc. has recently announced a new energy efficient lighting product being added to their already impressive array of energy efficient industrial lighting solutions. Superior Lamp Inc. is the leader in environmentally friendly, heavy duty industrial lighting. To learn more about the various products that Superior Lamp offers please visit

It is no surprise that the global environment has become a hot topic issue across the world. We have noticed first hand a rise in everything from natural disasters to global warming and these occurrences have prompted businesses large and small to play their part in preserving the planet, even if it is only one light bulb at a time. Superior Lamp has taken a very aggressive stance and approach on providing all types of clientele, from industrial businesses to municipalities, with highly energy efficient lighting solutions in order to help reduce energy costs. These new L. E. D.'s which have been added to their product line up are no exception. These new bulbs have up to 94% energy savings by reducing the amount of energy required to light the bulbs. Cost reduction is something that is on the mind of every business owner today.

Each bulb is also made to withstand the daily abuse an industrial business presents. Made from heavy duty construction these new L. E. D.'s are able to withstand many business elements and settings. These bulbs are classified as high output bulbs so lighting large spaces will never be a problem. Industrial environments often times find themselves paying a premium in energy costs to keep facilities, offices and warehouses properly lit. Superior Lamp Inc. offers many different solutions to counteract that problem the right way while helping preserve the earth by promoting the reduction of energy consumption. These new bulbs have been built and designed for a rugged type of use. These new L. E. D.'s are also guaranteed for 10 years of life so they reduce labor costs as well. Superior Lamp also features an L.E.D. exit sign retro fit that is guaranteed to last for 30 years. Superior Lamp is very confident in all the products that they market. This is an industry that is only going to grow and as it does Superior Lamp will be positioned as the leader. Superior Lamp stands by the performance of all the products that they market and has complete industry confidence. These new L. E. D. 's are just another sign of their commitment to the excellence of their products as well as their willingness and commitment to preserving the natural environment of our Earth.

For more information on Superior Lamp or their energy efficient industrial lighting solutions please visit