HealthierCompany LLC Launches Health Care Cost Containment Method For Employers

September 03, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
LEWES, Delaware (September 3, 2009) — While the hot debate of President Obama's Health Care Reform Bill rages on, Genseq Ltd's wholly owned subsidiary, HealthierCompany LLC, expands into the United States with a worksite preventative health solution targeted to companies of all sizes and budgets that are struggling to contain corporate health insurance costs.

"We believe our interactive Health Risk Appraisal has great relevance in the US given the current state of health in America," said Jean-Yves Sireau, CEO of Genseq Ltd. "There is an immediate need for health measures like our Health Risk Appraisal (HRA), that enables employees the ability to identify personal and family health risks while increasing their knowledge of how to take control of their health from a preventative standpoint."

According to recent studies, over half of US employers, ranging from small to large in size, are offering some type of worksite health initiative. With a reported return on investment of up to $4 in health care costs and up to $5 in employee absenteeism for every $1 spent on workforce health improvement programs, more and more companies are turning to corporate wellness providers for comprehensive, online HRA assessments. Based on the information gleened from employers aggregate report, companies can launch targeted wellness programs based on their companies unique demographics and health concerns in order to have the biggest impact on their corporate health, physically and fiscally.

Holly Campbell Iftner, Senior Director of US Operations said, "No matter where you stand on President Obama's Health Care Reform Bill, it can't be argued that it's brought great focus on the high cost of insurance for employers and the declining health of American workers". Iftner continues, "Traditionally worksite health tools are too expensive for small business budgets so as they continue to employ a significant percentage of the population, we knew we needed to address their unique workforce health needs and financial considerations with our HRA."

Genseq Ltd. specializes in Health Risk Assessment (HRA), the science of predicting health risks and diseases from an individual's family health history, medical history, diet, lifestyle, metabolism, and other environmental factors. The company offers its online HRA service to corporations worldwide via the website