Testing new quotation system against phone dealers

September 03, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Recently, the renown company IRTech, which is famous for working with insurance industry leaders both in the US and the UK, has launched the new version of their highly popular site, dedicated to providing competitive life insurance quotes from different insurance providers - mylifeinsuranceplace.com. Users have known about this site for quite a while, because it was a primary source for accurate quotes and reliable insurance companies for some time.

So what has changed since the last version of the site? The positive approach to life insurance and its variations is still there, and that's probably what makes this site different from the others, putting the accent on the positive sides of having life insurance coverage, instead of speaking about death, hardship, sadness and financial instability. Every stage of a person's life can be improved and supported with life insurance products, and there's plenty information on this site to make it much more evident. And if you are new to the whole idea of life insurance there are of course life insurance basics covered with multiple articles and tips, so there are no blank spaces left for you when dealing with such products.

But this is only the exterior of the site. What really makes the new version of mylifeinsuranceplace.com so interesting and great to use is the advanced life insurance quotation system built around GeopIP and AJAX technologies, which allow precise geo-targeting when a person is looking for life insurance quotes. This means that the results you get are provided taking your location in regard, so that you don't have to deal with life insurance products from companies that don't even work in your area. And that means a lot, because it turns out to be much cheaper shopping with local providers than working with companies from other regions. Such technology saves you both time (allowing you to choose from only relevant offers) and money (providing competitive quotes from local providers).

It all sounds quite interesting and intriguing but there's not sense in it if it doesn't really work, right? So we've given this site a test to see in what extent does it really offer advantages over traditional life insurance shopping practices (like using an agent, a broker or contacting the insurance company directly. We've filled out the forms with insurance providers the geo-targeting quotation system gave us out, got the quotes and then phoned a couple of insurance providers directly to get quotes on the same type of package. The result was quite impressive, as there was an average 20% difference in what the online system gave us and the quotes we got directly from insurance companies by phoning them. And the advantage was on the online quote system's side!

So there you have it. Maybe for some of you, a 20% difference is not such a big deal, bit if you're looking for a really serious and costly life insurance package, this could mean a whole lot of money that could be otherwise used for different purposes. But one thing here is clear: sites like mylifeinsuranceplace.com make ordinary insurance quotation methods not only obsolete but quote inconvenient financially.