Greater Houston's Mister Sparky Tells the Truth Regarding Electrical Work

September 08, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Master electrician provider, Mister Sparky, exercises sincerity as a marketing tool. The company grants free services if they do not keep to their word. Company representative, Richard Hodge, celebrates the genuine philosophy ingrained in Mister Sparky service providers.

Granting service across the greater Houston area, Mister Sparky provides electricians based on a customer's geographic location. Through direct calls and Web site access, customers request services for electrical repair, specialty lighting, home surge protection, as well as others. The company then dispatches master electricians to address the specific, customer needs.

The concept of sincerity seems obvious in maintaining and recruiting customers. "Being genuine is celebrated by customers," informs Hodge. "Unfortunately, many service providers know this, and orchestrate marketing and advertising materials that mirror such sentiments. I think customers have gotten to the point where they are blind and deaf to the whole pitch. Every provider is "the best" because it is just that simple to state. Walking the talk is an entirely different business. That is where we make our distinction."

The company refers to themselves as, "the on-time electrician". "For years, it has been an on-going joke how customers must wait for service providers," smiles company representative, Albert Bustos. "I remember watching a dated, Seinfeld episode where Kramer and a cable repairman have a bout throughout the show. Obviously, embellishment is used for a laugh, but the real truth behind such service commitments is not amusing. Too many service providers simply are not who they say they are; that is not the philosophy of Mister Sparky."

Currently, Mister Sparky's services are free if they are not who they originally state. "Log on to our site at," educates, Jeremy Nolan. "Our slogan says it all if we're not on time, our services are free. Having an immediate need can be very stressful for the customer. Depending on the urgency, a customer can have a lot of anxiety. They have a need. They don't want another problem coming from the proposed solution! We're there to solve problems, not create them for our customers."

Mister Sparky®, America's On-Time Electrician, is a national network of conscientious, courteous, highly competent electrical contractors. And while you'll be seeing our trucks and hearing our radio ads coast-to-coast, all Mister Sparky® businesses are locally owned and operated by people who live in your community.