Pittsburgh SEO Company Continues Controversial Efforts to Rank Pittsburgh for Best City in the World

September 05, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
With the G20 summit approaching, Eyeflow Internet Marketing, a Pittsburgh SEO company is ramping up its efforts to rank Pittsburgh's official website #1 for the keyphrase "Best City in the World."

What started off as an effort to boost Pittsburgh's online visibility has become something of a community phenomena since it's inception. Whether people agree or disagree with the tactics used or the true altruistic nature of Eyeflow's efforts, they are talking about it a lot, and linking.

Each link with the text Best City in the World in it is like a vote for Pittsburgh's home page. Because of all the "votes" the site has garnered since efforts began, Pittsburgh's main page is now on Google's first page.

It took a herculean effort to get it that far, but those at Eyeflow are confident they can achieve the number 1 ranking.

"We're really supprised and gratified by the support to our efforts. If the community continues to respond by linking to the City's website, we should have no problem getting to the top spot. Don't just talk about our efforts, Link!"

And to the detractors and those who disagree with his methods, he has a ready answer:

"Spaming and Google bombing is NOT what we're attempting to do. We're attempting to get the community involved in an effort to raise the online profile of our city. Every link with the text "best city in the world" is a vote for Pittsburgh. If you don't believe that our awesome town is better than the rest, don't vote. It's that simple."