September 10, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Redlands, CA ( - What happens when the economy crashes plans of corporate success?

Some people walk away and downsize their life; others look for another LLC ladder to climb, but a few turn their intent towards dreams. Doing just that, Chrystine Julian, a former Corporate Director of Communications who moonlighted as a mystic poet, will crisscross the country this fall with a workshop called Mystic's Guide to Dragon Riding, based upon her experience and popular poem.

"These workshops are all about embracing insecurities in difficult social and economic atmospheres," said Julian, who shares hard-earned lessons from her own experience of reclaiming personal power. "I hope that a surge of creative action combined with creative thinking will be a boost for people displaced and/or discouraged by the economy. People will learn how to become their own heroes."

The tour has no guarantees and ample risks, admits Julian, but because of that it is a living example of the workshop's targeted outcomes. She says, "It is a van packed with drums, poetry, and a sleeping bag being pointed toward new horizons"

"Early responses to the workshops are positive due to a prevailing uneasiness about job and financial opportunities across the nation," said Julian, who lost her corporate job in March 2009. "It's definitely an instance of art meets economics."

From Denver to Delaware and South Carolina to Scottsdale, AZ, workshops are scheduled at a dozen bookstores and spiritual centers across the country.

"I tell people, when fear and uncertainty lift their ugly heads, don't run or hide, throw a saddle on them and ride," said Julian. "When you ride dragons, you fly."

Chrystine Julian has published two collections of mystic and socially conscious poetry: Sensual Spirit (2007 Pawpress) and Meandering Mindfulness (2009, Pawpress).