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September 03, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
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The highly esteemed diagnostic imaging center, Flushing Imaging Center, has already been in the newspapers, on the radio, on tv, and on people's lips as the public discuss the best quality imaging around, in more than two languages too! Of course, the imaging center consists of a friendly staff that can speak English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish speaking so that nothing is ever misenterpreted. With its advanced medical digital imaging equipment, speedy exams, prompt and precise reports, and comfortable scans, it is no wonder why it Flushing Imaging Center is one of the best rated diagnostic imaging center around.
"All I had to do was walk in through the door with a referral sheet and I was able to get scanned. No need for appointments, none of that 'come back next month' was for me. The scans weren't as scary as some other people described it either."
-testimony from a first-time patient
Now, for the convenience of the patients, Flushing Imaging Center has a website. The website at www.flushingimaging.com has information about preparations, precautions, insurance information, exam information, special offers such as a free ride to the imaging center, and frequently asked questions. Anyone with a question or a curious mind can take a look at the newest, most advanced imaging center around. This is diagnostic imaging at its most advanced and best form.
~*~If you don't know what an MRI, CT, X-ray or ultrasound is, check out the website and see for yourself! Learn something new. Perhaps even after an exam, you might find yourself learning something that might save your life. If you would like to know the benefits of taking a whole body exam (recommended), then go to the website and make an appointment.
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