Letterbox Arson is a Property Security Risk says Crime Prevention Products

September 11, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
While the subject has not had mass media coverage, statistics for property arson attacks exceed 100 000 per year, according to the Fire & Rescue Services government website. Furthermore, records state that the associated cost of arson attacks reaches over £2 billion annually and in the past 10 years they have increased by 100% - arson is now the single main cause of all recorded fires in the UK. The letterbox is the only part of a property that is never closed, making it the most vulnerable area of a building. Arsonists are given easy access, inserting flaming materials through letterboxes and causing extensive damages to homes and buildings. For this reason, leading security specialists such as Crime Prevention Products have developed a range of anti-arson letterboxes to protect property owners.

An Anti-Arson Letterbox is designed to remove the threat of arson by keeping flammable liquid that may be poured through a letterbox contained. Flaming materials inserted into the letterbox are automatically put out by an in-built extinguishing system. This means that the fire does not have the opportunity to ignite materials within the property, potentially saving thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Well known security providers such as Crime Prevention Products offer a range of superior anti-arson letterboxes which have been tested for their efficiency in this type of crime prevention. These tests, designed to represent different methods of arson attack, were carried out using a series of ignition sources, each of which was designed to represent a potential method of attack. The tests demonstrated that quality anti-arson letterboxes can successfully contain an arson attack and provide significant protection against a serious fire developing within a building. They further revealed that had an anti-arson letterbox not been present, all of the arson attacks considered in the tests could have caused ignition of the contents behind the door (e.g. floor coverings, curtains, wall coverings) which would have almost certainly resulted in a major fire.

Terry Rattee, owner of Crime Prevention Products, says, 'This type of crime, while baffling to the normal person, is unfortunately a reality. Our anti-arson letterboxes are designed to efficiently combat the threat of serious damage to property and lives. They contain a thermo-sensitive polymer tube filled with an ozone friendly extinguisher, discretely placed within the letterbox to put out a fire within 15 seconds before it has the chance to spread. Just as property owners are careful to lock their windows and doors plus install security systems to ward off intruders, the letterbox is also a security risk and needs safeguarding.'

An Anti-arson letterboxes can be easily fitted behind the letter plate of the door and can also aid in heat loss within properties. The internal extinguisher is easily replaced and there are a wide range of models to suit most properties.

While this type of criminal activity is an unpleasant and senseless act to imagine, security specialists are increasingly recommending this type of protection for a fully effective security system in properties.