LegalView Announces Newest Brain Injury Blog

September 17, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News, a leader in online personal legal information, is pleased to announce their launch of the first of many updated blog posts to their traumatic brain injury blog. After the recent announcement that LegalView would begin regularly updating their TBI blog, the first post can now be viewed at This announcement comes at a time when the desire for more information regarding TBI is at a high point. The demand by the public for pertinent, relevant, and objective information regarding TBI can now be sated by the experienced team of bloggers and brain injury lawyers connected to LegalView.

The latest blog post on the TBI site deals with some of the newest advances in effectively dealing with brain injury cases. The blog covers the announcement from Dr. David Durham, a neuropsychiatrist specializing in traumatic brain injury. Dr. Durham will deliver a presentation on the elementary functioning of traumatic brain injury as well as the importance of discerning the difference between combat-sustained or non-combat sustained TBI so as to develop the most effective treatment option for the patient. Finally, there will be a piece on the importance of properly diagnosing and identifying all cases of TBI from a neuropsychiatric viewpoint, as well as new brain injury treatment currently under review with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The LegalView blog's newest post illustrates a continued commitment to quality and information within the LegalView family of personal injury websites. The tireless work and research, scouring the Internet for important content is all provided to the public free of charge. Additional services like connecting interested parties with an experienced brain injury attorney are also provided with no charge to the individual.

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