New, Earth-Friendly Paper Drinking Straws from Spirit Foodservice, Inc.

September 17, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Andover, MA, September 17, 2009 – Spirit Foodservice has introduced new paper straws to the market. They're sturdy and long lasting; not like the originals offered in public schools over 50 years ago - for those of us old enough to remember!

These environmentally conscious paper straws are manufactured with natural beeswax and food-safe glue which helps them perform with increased longevity in beverages while still maintaining their biodegradable and compostable characteristics. The straws are ideal for cold beverages of all kinds.

Businesses opting to use paper straws and/or stirs can benefit two-fold by implementing green products and practices; first, by pleasing those customers with a heightened environmental awareness and second, by potentially receiving incentive programs from private and federal organizations in the form of grants, loans, rebates or reward points.

Customers who receive a paper straw in their beverage almost immediately recognize that the establishment who served it is concerned about using natural, earth-friendly products. For an extra penny or so a drink, restaurants may even be applauded by their customers and rewarded by repeat business.

Another favorable aspect of Spirit's paper straws is the fact that they can be custom–printed in one or two colors using food-safe inks; either on the straw itself or on the wrapper. Printing on the straw is a unique option for businesses. Larger restaurant chains and franchises can customize the straws with a business brand or slogan. The order minimum for this special print service is 500 cases (1MM pieces for Jumbo and 2.5MM for Slim sizes) with a lead time of 12 weeks.

Spirit offers several sizes of the straws including a popular 7.75" Jumbo, sold both wrapped and unwrapped. Get more information on the complete paper straw product line by visiting or calling toll free at 800-343-0996.

About Spirit Foodservice, Inc: Spirit's heritage is innovation since it was their founder, Jay Sindler, who invented the first cocktail pick 75 years ago. Since then, Spirit has assisted some of the largest restaurant chains, hotels and liquor companies in the country build their brands and differentiate their offerings. Custom and standard beverage accessories, serving utensils, straws and foam cups/containers are among the company's primary product offerings.