Patients' Rights and Reform: A free Article from Clifford Law Offices of Chicago

September 16, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
(PRLEAP.COM) The Chicago law office, Clifford Law Offices, today announced that it has posted a legal article on their website ( in an effort to educate the public about legal matters such as Patients' Rights.

The current health care reform debate is partially focused on elements that cause financial waste within our existing health care structure. While concerns about the cost of issues like obesity, pharmaceutical drugs and Medicare appear to be more than justified in the wake of this scrutiny, concern over the industry's financial burden imposed by medical malpractice litigation has proven baseless, accounting only for an estimated 0.6 percent of health care costs.

Robert Clifford, the nationally renowned personal injury attorney based out of Chicago, wrote an article about the important function of medical malpractice litigation in a piece originally published in Chicago Lawyer entitled, "Patients' Rights and Reform." In the article, Clifford makes note of how medical malpractice litigation provides a process by which victims can hold wrongdoers accountable. By illustrating the valuable role of this type of litigation and concurrently demonstrating its relatively insignificant impact on the overall cost of health care, Clifford makes a strong argument in support of a regime that provides for medical malpractice litigation.

Read the full Patients' Rights and Reform article here.