Best Beverly Hills Dentist 2009 Awarded to Sam Muslin DDS MAGD

September 21, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Beverly Hills, CA, September 21, 2009 Hi-tech dentist Dr. Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD, has been awarded LA's Best Award (tm) 2009 for his cutting-edge restorative and reconstructive dentistry in Beverly Hills. Dr. Muslin is well known throughout Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles area, and also internationally, for his work in cosmetic dentistry and bite reconstruction, and for his trademarked Face Lift Dentistry, which combines the most advanced dental technologies to restore the health and vitality of the entire mouth and face.

For the annual LA's Best Awards, a select panel of Harvard University graduates scores and ranks professionals across Los Angeles County based on undercover investigations, internet research and customer service ratings. In Beverly Hills, where celebrity dentists and dentists of the stars abound, choosing a number one dentist isn't easy. The panel chose Dr. Muslin for his impressive credentials, his 30 years of experience at the leading edge of dental technology and techniques, his reputation among his peers, and the extensive photo galleries on his websites that demonstrate his work.

Panel members emphasized that Dr. Muslin's website galleries clearly show his experience and expertise in advanced dentistry. The full-face before-and-after photos show patients that have had complex dental work, the details of which are listed in each case. As well, close-up photos show the high quality and natural look of his reconstructive work.

All of the website photos and videos, untouched and unaltered, are of consenting patients treated by Dr. Muslin.

Though Dr. Muslin's office features the most advanced technology and the highest level of dental care available, he emphasizes that dentistry is, above all, about technique. Having practiced complex dentistry for 30 years, Dr. Muslin has the necessary skills and experience for extensive dentistry, such as bite reconstruction and Face Lift Dentistry, as well as the artistic skills for cosmetic procedures such as custom porcelain veneers, dental implants and dental crowns.

Dr. Muslin's many years of work in advanced dentistry work has culminated in his trademarked technique, Face Lift Dentistry, which combines the most advanced dental technologies to treat the complete health and appearance of the mouth and face, providing optimum results for each individual.

Dr. Muslin has also achieved the coveted "Master" level in dentistry, awarded by the Academy of General Dentistry. To achieve this, Dr. Muslin has dedicated himself to continuing education in every area of dentistry and taken courses and examinations that require hands-on training in every phase of dentistry.

Face Lift Dentistry
"Face Lift Dentistry is the most complex level of dental care, made possible by improvements in advanced technology," says Dr. Muslin. "It's the ultimate level of bite reconstruction, with the goal of achieving the best jaw position, optimum facial support and facial length, and the maximum level of dental health."

Dr. Muslin points out that cosmetic dentistry, or cosmetic surgery, often does not achieve the desired results due to unaddressed dental issues: "Unfortunately, it's very common. We see where many cosmetic dentists have treated the smile but not facial collapse or a bad bite. While porcelain veneers and crowns make for a more attractive smile, we frequently see patients where the crowns have not been proportioned, the bite has not been raised, and/or the TMJ (jaw) is not balanced."

"When there are neglected dental issues such as a bad bite, cosmetic dentistry and surgical face lifts cannot produce optimal results for the patient," says Dr. Muslin. "Face Lift Dentistry, which is non-surgical, goes beyond the merely cosmetic approach to completely treat both health and facial appearance."

Dr. Muslin has developed advanced treatment methods predictable to the point where his websites are full of patients that report a high level of satisfaction with his Face Lift Dentistry. To view Face Lift Dentistry photos and case studies of particular dental issues, go to

Face Lift Dentistry and the Aging Face
Face Lift Dentistry treats the face, the bite and overall health by maximizing the potential of the patient's teeth to support the aging face, lips and cheeks. Once a patient's bite is restored and lifted, the facial appearance becomes naturally smoothed out, small wrinkles are reduced, and lips are fuller. The patient will have natural looking teeth that are free of decay, much less sensitive, and have a brand new, smooth surface. By optimizing the teeth, the face is better supported and looks younger and completely natural.

"The teeth are one of the big differences between a young face and an aging face," says Dr. Muslin. "Patients can look ten years younger just from work on the teeth that lengthens and supports the face."

Face Lift Dentistry and Facial Collapse
Facial collapse is often seen in aging patients that have worn down their bite, but it can also occur with younger patients that have a deep over-bite. Face Lift Dentistry is the only procedure that will physically lengthen the face by working only on the teeth. The goals of Face Lift Dentistry are to achieve a balanced face with the best jaw position, ideal support of the face, optimal facial length, clear speech, and the best dental health level. The teeth can lengthen the face and add support to the cheeks and lips, while improving the facial profile and allowing the jaw to move naturally to the best possible position. While younger looking faces show more upper teeth when the patient is speaking, patients with worn teeth have facial collapse and show lower teeth when they are speaking. Face Lift Dentistry changes the entire face to look healthy and natural by working on the teeth to reverse years of facial collapse.

Face Lift Dentistry and a Bad Bite
Younger patients with bad bites have youth on their side, because the lack of facial support is not as obvious as with an older patient. A patient with a bad bite generally has a shorter face and TMJ (jaw joint) symptoms. With Face Lift Dentistry, which is the ultimate level of bite reconstruction, a bad bite can be fully corrected without grinding down the natural teeth.

High Tech Dental Office Features Patient Safety
Dr. Muslin's state-of-the-art dental office guarantees the highest level of patient safety. Private treatment rooms and sliding glass doors protect patients from airborne pathogens generated during dental care in other rooms. All treatment rooms have purified air with two levels of electronic air filtration and rapid air exchange for maximum air circulation.

Only distilled water is used in the dental water lines; all equipment, including cameras, have plastic barriers; the entire hand-piece is sterilized for every patient; and the walls of the treatment rooms are lead-lined to protect patients in other rooms from x-rays. All dental materials used in the mouth are biologically compatible and have been proven over many years.

Every treatment room features fully interactive DVD systems that can provide the client with audio and visual demos of every dental procedure. And every room has a tiny camera that shows the patient the problems that are being treated magnified 26 times on a TV monitor!

Magnification dentistry has become a requirement for high tech dental care because the dentist can produce higher quality work.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Cosmetic Surgery
Most patients who go to a cosmetic dentist get porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns on their upper teeth for a better smile. "But when you think about it, people are smiling only about 5% of the time," Dr. Muslin points out. "In contrast, when you look at Face Lift Dentistry, it benefits the patient in every facial position because it lengthens and supports the face."

For individuals who have chosen to have a surgical face lift, Dr. Muslin emphasizes that a cosmetic face-lift can often be greatly enhanced by treating the short, worn down bite: "The teeth are the foundation of the face, but most plastic surgeons do not understand how much the teeth can enhance the facial features," he says. "Although the cosmetic surgeon may do an excellent job with a face-lift, often the ideal result is not achieved because of bite collapse and the resulting shortening of the face." Dr. Muslin points out that most cosmetic surgeons do not yet understand the benefits of Face Lift Dentistry and how it can help improve their patients' results. "The shape of the entire face can be permanently lengthened, which can help a patient look 10 years younger," he says.

Dr. Muslin encourages anyone considering cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dentistry to find out more about his unique Face Lift Dentistry, by calling his office at 310-829-6796 and requesting a consultation, or by visiting his website at to see before-and-after photographs and videos of his patients as well as case studies.

About Beverly Hill's Best Dentist, Dr. Sam Muslin
Dr. Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD, long renowned for his expertise in bite reconstruction, custom porcelain veneers, non-invasive porcelain veneers, and high precision dental implants, has been practicing cutting-edge, high-tech dentistry in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica area for 30 years. His passion for his work is reflected in his state-of-the-art dental practice and his creation of Face Lift Dentistry.

In 1996 he was awarded a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD), putting him in the top 1% of practicing dentists nationwide. His many professional affiliations include the Academies of Cosmetic, Laser, Implant, and Computerized Dentistry, and the American Dental Association.

To see photographs and case studies of Dr. Muslin's Face Lift Dentistry, work, go to

Dr. Muslin provides exclusive care that delivers the ultimate in health and appearance. For those patients who want the highest level of dentistry, call Sam Muslin, DDS, MAGD, at 310-829-6796, for an evaluation.