Announces a New Change Your Life Weekend Event in October

September 24, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The Change Your Life Weekend sponsored my along with Enagic and Premiere Partners event this past May was such a success that they have decided to host another one this October. There were over 500 people in attendance during the May event and is expecting the same numbers, if not more, for the October event. This next event will take place in Palm Desert, California in October from the 15th through the 18th. For more information please visit and to learn more about these amazing opportunities.

Free registration will be available for guests on Friday night along with numerous product demonstrations conducted by doctors from the US and Canada, including a demonstration of the Japanese technology that started it all and how and why this technology works. Attendance during this event will help to clear up any confusion regarding the technology and will provide undeniable proof that Enagic is the gold-standard when it comes to water filtration technology. There will also be an explanation of the Enagic business plan for those who are looking to invest in this rapidly expanding market, or even for those who are only interested in referring business to Enagic which will provide them the ability to quickly earn a free machine for their own home. The event is filled with important information from industry leaders and movers and shakers that will teach and train the public as to just how easy it is to build a successful career while offering a product that is not only good for the body, but great for the environment. The event usually kicks-off with a social gathering and product presentation followed by a business overview. This is followed-up with an intensive training program for those who are looking to really sharpen their skills and hear from industry-leader, health-care professionals who stand behind Enagic. After the close of the training programs there is a dinner and social function scheduled for the entire group. It's a wonderful and empowering time for all who attend, not to mention a real eye-opening experience.

The Enagic distributor resource center at offers a great way for people to increase their income drastically while meeting others in a space of self-empowerment and unity with thousands over other like-minded business owners. specializes in offering all of the marketing needed in the distribution of Enagic water filtration devices. As time goes on more and more people discover the truth about creating a healthy body and they become extremely interested in taking care of themselves by consuming nothing but healthy products and drinking the best water. Enagic water filtration devices leave behind only the purest form of water for the body to consume and use in everyday life. This is very important for the longevity of life and a balanced body.

For more information please visit .