Redshift Research Survey Shows 73% of UK Viewers Immune to Celebrity Product Endorsement

September 23, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A new survey of 1,349 UK adults conducted this week by market research company Redshift Research has found that UK consumers think of themselves as immune to TV product placement. The survey was conducted following last Sunday's announcement that product placement is set to be legalised on British television.

One of the main arguments for the legalisation of product placement in the UK is that it will make TV shows more realistic; however the public seem to disagree. Two-thirds (66%) of the respondents asked said that they do not think that product placements make television programmes more realistic. So, despite the Rover's Return never having sold any branded beer, the viewers of Coronation Street do not feel that watching Jack Duckworth sipping a pint of John Smith's will do anything to boost the show's realism.

UK consumers also like to think of themselves as immune to the celebrity "halo effect" as 73% of respondents say that they have never been influenced to buy a product they saw a celebrity using. However, women are more influenced by celebrities than men with 31% of women compared to just 23% of men having been tempted to buy a product used by a celebrity. Also, 79% of people aged 45-54 and 84% over 55 say they are not influenced by celebrities to buy products whereas younger people do appear to be more susceptible celebrity endorsement. 42% of 25-34-year-olds and 47% of under 24 year olds say they have been influenced.

TV shows in the US are currently allowed to feature branded products and programs such as 24, Lost and House have become very popular in the UK in recent years. It seems though that good old British programs such as Eastenders are still much more popular than their American counterparts as 76% of respondents said that they prefer British televsion shows to US shows.

Special restrictions will keep product placement out of children's shows and it looks like this is an issue close to the public's heart. An overwhelming 91% of people do not think it is right to influence children with product placement.

The general consensus among the public is that the proposed legalisation of product placement would be a financial move, as 85% of respondents think that product placement on television would be allowed in order to bolster revenues against falling advertising spend. This view is supported by the fact that over two-thirds of the respondents (68%) regularly "channel-surf" during the ad breaks.

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Online interviews carried out by Redshift research with a randomly selected, nationally representative, sample of male and female UK panelists from the Crowdology™ Research Community.

1349 interviews with were conducted with UK adults. Online fieldwork took place between 15th and 16th September 2009

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