September 25, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A new global communications privacy service, Gem99 Privileged, is now undergoing Beta testing at Built on the company's own proprietary DevX applications generator technology, the service delivers communications and CRM processing power previously available only to larger businesses. Gem99 Privileged is a fusion of CRM, e-mail and SMS technologies which the company believes is the first genuine manifestation of the cost and performance benefits that 'in the clouds' technology can deliver across the entire business spectrum.

gem99 Privileged automatically gathers contact data and provides the subscriber with a wide range of options for manipulating data. It also facilitates broadcast by e-mail, SMS or text-to-voice to selected contacts and provides a password protected private communications area for users. For gem99 Privileged subscribers a separate e-mail layer, gem-2-gem, separates users from mainstream e-mail traffic providing instantaneous, trackable and completely spam-free communication. It also enables file-sharing within a private and confidential communications environment. Users can limit access to the 'Privileged' communications area to invited contacts only, or leave their contact medium, the gem99 webcard, open for others to view their published information and receive messages.

As well as contact and message capture into their gem99 account, message alerts are delivered instantly by e-mail, SMS or automated text-to-voice. The entire message can be forwarded or the subscriber can elect to receive an alert advising only the senders name, and log-in to their gem99 Privileged account to see the message.

After two years of development gem99 is now entering a short period of Beta testing and final preparation prior to global launch. Further information at