SafeScreen adds Home HIV Testing Kits to their product range

September 28, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
SafeScreen, a renowned supplier of home test kits and other fertility products now brings the best quality home HIV testing kits, at the disposal of its customers. This is an important step as it shall enable users to conduct self tests, in the privacy of their homes. Demand for home HIV testing kits has been increasing lately and thus with this product SafeScreen caters successfully to the market.

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SafeScreen's home HIV testing kit has been added to their range of home tests due to an increase in demand in this field. It is believed that at least a third of infected people in the UK don't know they are HIV positive. SafeScreen believe that the introduction of HIV testing will aid in the prevention of HIV and lessen the stigma attached with the virus.

Medical affairs director Dr John Cooper of SafeScreen, commented that, 'Self testing for HIV is common place in Asia and some parts of the EU where tests can be brought over the counter in pharmacies'.

The reason why people should be tested early is because late testing results in missed opportunities for preventing the spread of HIV infection. It is believed that during the time between HIV infection and diagnosis, infected people can transmit HIV to other people. Therefore HIV transmission could be reduced by people being aware of their HIV status through early testing, particularly if they practice unsafe sex, or share needles with other people, for example.

Safe Screen believe that individuals have the right to self test for HIV in the comfort of their home as they would for diabetes or cholesterol levels.

"People are often afraid of attending a clinic due to the stigma attached to it and the difficultly of trying to fit the test in around the opening hours of a clinic. Therefore a HIV home testing kit allows people to proactively manage their health", said Dr John Cooper.

"A HIV home testing kit is very easy to purchase and to use due to the clear instructions included. It only takes a few minutes to do the test and a few minutes to receive the results with no one else being involved", he added.

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SafeScreen is a supplier of home test kits and other fertility products established with the aim to help detect and prevent illness. All tests at SafeScreen are CE approved and manufactured under ISO 9000 and ISO 13485. There are over a hundred diagnostic test kits available.