Superior Lamp Announces It's "Fall Back Program"

September 30, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Each year Americans move into the fall season and are turning on their lights earlier and consuming more costly energy. Superior Lamps new "Fall Back Program" is a concerted effort by their organization to keep information in front of all consumers regarding ways to reduce all energy consumption. The burning of fossil fuel also greatly plays havoc with the ever thinning ozone layer. While the nation continues to expand the use of energy everyone will still need to be conscious of ways all Americans can reduce the carbon footprint while waiting for alternative energy sources to be developed. As a nation everyone can "fall back" to earlier levels of usage of oil and other carbon based fuels. Please visit for more information.

All residents can start with simple solutions like turning out the lights when leaving rooms and putting a sweater on in the house instead of raising the thermostat. Additionally, Americans use more and more devices that make everyone's lives and the tasks they perform easier such as cell phones, computers, and fax machines. With some simple attention people can reduce fuel expenditures as well. By simply unplugging some of these users of power when not in use they could greatly have an effect on energy consumption. If more of people simply put their computers in the "sleep mode" when not in use this would reduce our imprint and help to keep everyone green.

The main thing everyone can do is just to be conscience of the energy they use and continually find ways to cut back or "fall back" to previous levels of consumption while our scientists continue to find and develop ways to wean everyone from the use of oil and coal and all carbon based sources of energy.

At Superior Lamp, they are proud to take an active part in the reduction of energy usage, and all of the high quality, energy efficient products that they offer will help to accomplish this end.

Please visit for more information.