Smart Drivers Prepare for Rental Car Insurance Prior to Renting

September 30, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
No matter which state you are driving in, car insurance is required, if you are behind the wheel. is speaking out to consumers across America to inform them that when they are driving a vehicle that isn't their own, their car insurance policy could be void. Travelers are always offered insurance for the rental cars. It is not required to purchase, but it is the law to be covered. If you reject to purchase rental car insurance because you think your current policy has you covered, you better know ahead of time if this is true or not.

According to the new article, offers consumers two ways their rental car could be insured, through their own car insurance company or through their credit card company. "First, call your auto insurance agent to verify whether your auto insurance policy extends to rental cars as well. In general, if you are traveling for pleasure, such as a vacation or visiting family or friends, your policy will also cover a rental car," states the article. Travelers are urged to speak to their car insurance agent to ensure there are no gaps in their coverage. Credit card companies may offer car insurance coverage for vehicles that are rented with their cards. Its important to speak to your credit card company because coverage may vary between companies and there could be several speculations that you should be aware of.

When preparing to travel, take a few minutes to find out if your rental car will be insured through your current car insurance policy. If not, rental car insurance is highly recommended for drivers. Accidents can happen anywhere, so why pay so much in repairs when you can pay so little for protection.

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