Venture Planning Group Publishes New Study on the In-Vitro Diagnostics Market 2009-2018

October 04, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Venture Planning Group is pleased to announce completion of the new multi-client study, "Three Alternative Scenarios of the Future In Vitro Diagnostics Market 2009-2018," designed to assist executives in the diagnostics industry in formulating policy alternatives that will provide the best choice among possible courses of action.

Tomorrow is uncertain and because the pace of change is accelerating, the ability to recognize and deal with uncertainty is becoming crucial. There is not a single reliable way of predicting what the future will bring, although there are many trends that will shape the in vitro diagnostics market.

The purpose of the study is not to provide definitive predictions of what will happen in the future. This is clearly impossible. Rather, the major thrust is to clarify future consequences of the current developments in the absence of unforeseeable events, and expose the very different actions and policies that would be required by diagnostic product suppliers if the market moves in any of the three directions.

Each scenario is built around a specific theme with a particular set of assumptions. Business-As-Usual Scenario assumes that the current growth of socio-political, regulatory, economic and technological trends will continue without any significant interruptions. Economic Austerity Scenario is predicated upon a significant rise in cost-containment pressures by all payers determined to drastically curtail not only the intensity of health care services, but the size of the industry as well. Technological Breakthroughs Scenario assumes a series of successful developments and commercialization of a number of diagnostic technologies and products occurring during 2009-2018.

We trust that the results of this study will help diagnostics industry executives and companies planning to diversify into the diagnostics field to bring about more flexible planning, reduce surprises, and add to ways of improving the ability to cope with the future.

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