Dental Marketing: Doctors' Top 10 Questions about Botox

October 05, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As dentists prepare for the release of "Dental Marketing Project X," Jim Du Molin has released a special video on the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry: Botox treatment. He has released a video interview between himself and industry expert Catherine Maley that gives doctors a quick overview of what's involved in offering this treatment. The video can be seen for a limited time at online.

As a dental management consultant for over 26 years, Jim Du Molin has watched the business of dental practice marketing and management evolve. "It used to be about dental signage and direct mail marketing," he said. "But the Internet has changed things! We're now in a time of dental websites and online dental continuing education."

Dental Botox is a treatment often offered by a TMJ dentist to help soothe jaw pain caused by tense oral muscles. But as Botox becomes more popular for smoothing skin and reducing wrinkles, dental patients are asking their dentists about it. While state dental boards prohibit dentists in some states from offering this cosmetic treatment, saying it is "outside the scope of dentistry," many dentists argue that they are the among the most qualified professionals to give injections to the face and mouth.

The drug's manufacturer, Allergan, has filed suit against the government for restricting the company's ability to discuss off-label uses. Doctors are permitted to prescribe medicine for off-label purposes. In the US, Botox has 5 approved uses, but a significant amount of Botox in the US is used to treat other conditions. (And it's not just about looking younger! Research suggests that the drug may also be good for treating headaches.)

Cosmetic patient expert Catherine Maley of Cosmetic Image Marketing has researched the unique needs and desires of aesthetic patients and found them to be distinctly different from those of other patients. Her book "Your Aesthetic Practice: A Complete Guide What Your Patients Are Saying" highlights the importance of the personal doctor-patient relationship in cosmetic cases.

Jim Du Molin has many years of experience in dental consulting and dental practice management. He has become a leader in internet dental marketing. He is the founder of both the Internet Dental Alliance, provider of dental websites, and The Wealthy Dentist, where his dental surveys are an up-to-the-moment reflection of dentists' attitudes, and whose weekly newsletter reaches over 25,000 subscribers. As the co-founder of the DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation), he is a leader in the world of sedation dentistry movement, having helped to train thousands of sedation dentists.