First Electrosmog Detector for Education

September 04, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
ScienceScope, one of the UK’s leading Datalogging Companies, is now shipping the Sensory Perspective ‘Electrosmog Detector’ for schools. With seamless integration with ScienceScope Dataloggers the Electrosmog Detector is fully operational so you can monitor and keep a record of the ‘electrosmog’ data that is collected.

‘Electrosmog’ is silent and invisible. Non-existent twenty years ago, the pulsing signals are now commonplace in the home, school, workplace and even in vehicles. Emissions come from everyday products designed to make our lives easier – mobile phones, telephone mast and base-station transmitters, bluetooth-enabled mobile devices including wireless networks, cordless DECT phones and a host of new wireless products appearing almost daily.

Within the 21st Century Science schools curriculum, important notice is taken on the environmental issues of the world around us. The flexibility in the Core Science curriculum means that teachers teach real world issues to the citizens of tomorrow. With the Electrosmog Detector this is a way of demonstrating radiation from technological devices. Through an investigation of evidence concerning the possibly harmful effects of low intensity microwave radiation from devices such as mobile phones, students learn about risk by evaluating their own data, reviewing reported studies and interpreting levels of risk. The Electrosmog Detector can be used at GCSE, A and AS Level curriculum investigative work.

About ScienceScope
ScienceScope is a leading UK company providing Datalogging hardware and software for science education. ScienceScope is the company behind the Datadisc software that over the past 23 years has developed into a professional data analysis and datalogging tool, covering all areas of science education from early years through to higher education. ScienceScope customers are advancing science and teaching by using the tools to explore, innovate and develop Datalogging and science within their education institutions.

About Sensory Perspective
Sensory Perspective designs, patents and delivers a suite of electromagnetic radiation detection devices and solutions for consumer, education and commercial applications. With a 20-year pedigree in industrial electromagnetic and nuclear radiation measurement, the company focuses on improving personal environmental awareness and protection.

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