Dajoji Chef Jackets Bring the Earth-to-Table Ingredients Approach to Kitchen Performance Apparel

October 07, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Vancouver, BC. October 7, 2009 Vancouver-based Dajoji Inc. redefines sustainable kitchens with its new line of chef jackets and brings a farm-to-table sensibility to the chef uniform.

For environmentally conscious chefs, sustainable ingredients and locally sourced food is a given. The names of farmers, fishermen, and ranchers appear on their menus. But the chef jackets on their kitchen staff have not met the same scrutiny.

Dajoji's new line of chef jackets brings a farm-to-hanger approach to kitchen performance apparel. Through a close working relationship with the Texas Organic Cotton Farmers Cooperative, Dajoji has redefined sustainable kitchens by creating organic chef jackets that are stylish and functional.

When asked about the design, Dajoji founder Anthony Nicalo said, "Sustainability is important, but not the driving force behind our chef coats." His motivation to create a new chef jacket was based on function. Nicalo adds, "Have you ever seen a chef meticulously plating her latest 100-Mile Diet creation wearing something akin to a paper sack?"

While cooking typical 14-hour days at a notable Chicago restaurant, Nicalo, tired of the uncomfortable, boxy, coats available to chefs, knew there had to be a way to create a chef coat that met the fast-paced demands of the professional kitchen.

After moving to Vancouver, Nicalo collaborated with ethical fashion designer Leanne McElroy to create kitchen performance apparel. Together, they made an organic cotton chef coat built for movement, with an athletic fit, a dash of style and lots of comfort.

Beyond the ties to local fashion with Elroy Apparel, Dajoji's Vancouver roots extend to another clothier with its roots in a niche performance market, lululemon athletica.

Managing partner, Jessica Robinson, who used to work for the yoga juggernaut, brings not only the spirit, but the attention to detail required for the new eco-fashion niche of kitchen performance apparel.

"I love food and wine, which is how I met Anthony," explains Robinson. "But I never thought of crossing that with my love of, and education in, fashion. Kitchen apparel and chef coats in particular are truly in need of change and innovation."

The Farm-to-Hanger approach that Dajoji has adopted extends beyond just the fabric, packaging and production. This mentality extends right down to one of the finest details: the buttons on the men's chef jackets are made from the tagua nut, which grows naturally in the South American Rainforest.

The production of tagua nut buttons is helping to stimulate the local economy in Ecuador and is providing an alternative to clear cutting the rainforest.

Likewise, by working with the Texas Organic Cotton Farmers Cooperative, Dajoji is ensuring that the cotton is grown sustainably. Conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other single crop and often uses the most hazardous pesticides. For chefs who don't serve meat with antibiotics or vegetables with pesticides, finding a chef jacket not made with petro-chemicals has been a difficult task.

Sustainably minded chefs who need high performance kitchen apparel, now have a choice of organic, well-tailored chef jackets from Dajoji.

Dajoji Chef Jackets are available in men's and women's styles for $100.

For additional information on Dajoji or more about this release, please contact Jessica Robinson.


Jessica Robinson, Managing Partner
Dajoji Inc.

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