edocrab™ - New Barcode-Scanning, Shopping App Becomes Verizon Wireless Contest Semi-finalist

October 09, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Crab Cove, Jacksonville, FL – Who says that the BlackBerry® is just a business phone? Steelthorn Software, a BlackBerry software development company, has created a new and helpful (albeit somewhat addictive) application for the BlackBerry® that has just been recognized as a Verizon Wireless Developer's Contest Semi-Finalist.

edocrab™ ("barcode" spelled backwards) allows you to combine the shopping advantages of strolling through your favorite store with scouring the internet for competitive prices, helpful product reviews, and other product specific information before making a purchase. http://www.edocrab.com

Jeff Mixon, CEO of Steelthorn Software says, "Why should buyers have to sacrifice the fun of shopping in the real world with shopping economically online? Why not combine the best of both worlds?"

To use the app, you simply need to "scan" a product's UPC barcode with the newest BlackBerry® device cameras. After scanning the product, the app actually returns a number of helpful results that can help you determine everything from the best place to buy the product, to whether or not other people have said the product is worth buying at all.

"What we've found in our BETA testing is that people immediately look for any and everything with a barcode in their house to scan as soon as they download the app," Jeff Mixon says. "But the real benefit comes when you are out in the real world visiting your local retailers."

By "scanning" the UPC barcode of a product inside a local retail store, you now gain access to the wealth of information that has traditionally only been accessible on the web. Potentially, this could mean that buyers can leverage the power of the web to steer away from over-priced items…or even better, steer clear of the items their peers have said isn't worth any money at all!

edocrab™ has just been named one of 19 semi-finalists in the Verizon Wireless Developer's Contest that looks to bring new applications and developers to the Verizon platform. Total cash and prizes could include more than $200,000, marketing and promotional assistance, and increased national exposure for the development company. Although still in BETA, edocrab™ looks to begin reaching into other countries outside of the United States soon to help even more people with their everyday shopping experience.

*Price Comparison Tool
*Product Reviews
*Options to Buy products online, or Share deals with a friend

Steelthorn Software, started in June of 2008, has created 10 different applications that have generated more than 1.2million users to date. Steelthorn Software prides itself on turning possibilities into realities for BlackBerry subscribers all across the world. http://www.steelthorn.com
edocrab™ empowers the consumer with a new tool that scans a product's barcode for the purpose of price comparisons, product reviews, pre-purchase media interactions, and actual product purchasing…all from the portable BlackBerry® device.