Minneapolis Web Design Company Helps Track Social Media ROI

October 13, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Minneapolis, Minnesota October 7, 2009 - Rocket 55 www.rocket55.com a Minneapolis Web Design firm now offers 3 easy ways to help track the ROI of your Social Media marketing efforts.

Unless you are a sixteen year old, it seems increasingly difficult to stay on top of the ever-emerging list of new social media. "In fact, our average client, has experienced Social-Notworking, and typically not from lack of effort. There is a tremendous investment in time and a large guess factor when your average company takes social media on," said Steven Ayres, Founder of Rocket 55.

"The biggest problem that we have seen is that companies are blindly swinging at their target and ROI tracking is typically nonexistent. And that is what prompted us to write this article and outline 3 inexpensive ways that anyone can track the effectiveness of their Social Media campaigns." Continues Ayres.

1. Implement a lead-tracking initiative at the point of sale. Lead tracking usually goes in and out of the minds of front line sales employees, but it is a crucial element to finding out which of your social media efforts are paying off.

2. Exclusive campaigns on Social Media: You might also begin a new marketing campaign by opening it up to your Facebook Fans or Twitter followers first. Consider offering a 15% discount to followers that retweet your product or service. By offering a deal exclusively, you can see results that don't include carry-over from your other marketing campaigns. Anyone who used your special "Tweet Code" would be a direct result of your social media campaign.

3. Measure in the right spot: Know the importance of choosing the right site metrics (ie: click-through-rates not twitter followers).

The primary message of this article should be that Social Media is a viable way to increase a businesses bottom line, but can be a waste of time if not tracked and done properly. No two businesses are alike and what works for one company may not work for the next. So if you follow these three simple steps you will quickly know what portion of your campaign is netting you the best results.