BackupAssist hits the market with the first simple, affordable Hyper-V backup solution

October 13, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Melbourne, Australia – October 13, 2009. In an exciting development, an Australian company is leading the world's backup software market with today's launch of a public beta test of a revolutionary new Hyper-V backup solution… the BackupAssist Hyper-V Granular Restore Console.

"Hyper-V backup is full of confusion and frustration for even the most experienced IT professionals, because there are so many possible data recovery scenarios. Until now there's been no straightforward, affordable method of creating backup tasks to cover them all" says Linus Chang, CEO of Cortex I.T and Lead Developer of BackupAssist.

Cortex I.T , based in Melbourne, are already well known for their amazingly simple BackupAssist products, popular with IT Administrators and SMB's worldwide for affordability and ease of use.

"Our new BackupAssist Hyper-V solution is designed to be a simple, cost-effective answer to a very complicated problem. It eliminates time-consuming manual procedures and overcomes the reliability issues inherent in Hyper-V backups" says Linus.

The beta test launched today gives the market an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the functionality of BackupAssist's new 'granular technology'. It simplifies Hyper-V backup tremendously because it requires just one image backup of the Host, which you can use to retrieve files and documents from any number of Guest machines on the Host. "It will save hours of very tedious work for IT Administrators everywhere" says Linus. "We've made it so the whole procedure can be completed in a matter of minutes."

'Granular technology' allows you dig into a VHD file and retrieve files from within. Without granular technology, the files and folders within each Guest VM are locked in their respective VHD files, making them inaccessible. To retrieve them, you would need to do a second backup of each individual Guest VM, which could be very time consuming and use a lot of disk space.

"Now you can backup the entire server in one pass" Linus says enthusiastically. "And that's because the BackupAssist Granular Restore Console makes it fast and easy to dig down into a VHD file to get the data you want. It's never before been possible to do it this quickly or affordably.

"You can backup unlimited Guest machines, with no extra licensing costs involved. And because you only need one backup, you'll use less data storage space and reduce hardware costs, too" says Linus. "But for me, the best thing about it is ease of use. You don't need a degree in computer science to make it work.

"Our new Hyper-V Granular Restore Console will be marketed as the BackupAssist VM Granular Restore Add-on and will be made available together with a BackupAssist base license for less than US$500. Anyone who'd like to sign up now as a Beta Tester can apply at" he adds.

BackupAssist is the flagship product of Cortex I.T., an Australian technology company that specializes in software products for small to medium business.

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