Comedian Follows American Dream; Turns Life's Hard Lessons into Laughs

October 13, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Most of us would never know what it's like to grow up in extreme poverty, sleeping in a hut with the only thing between you and the dirt floor is a dead animal skin rug. And we might not be able to imagine no running water or electricity and having no shoes to wear. But, for Ed Blaze this is a not so distant memory. Yet, the up-and-coming comedian can still find laughter and is willing to share it on a stage.

Even though life growing up was poor he always made people laugh. Ed recalls always being the funnyman who kept everyone in stitches as a young boy back in his African boarding school. With his sights set, Ed followed his dreams to America where he continues to make people laugh.

For Ed, he's come a long way from the small hut in Tanzania to a modern 2-bedroom condo in the Nation's Capital. "I am very privileged," Ed says. "My experiences have allowed me to see the world through different eyes. I have seen the poorest of people and the richest of people. I have seen a lot," he adds.

Washington DC is a long way from Tanzania both in distance and lifestyle, but it is where he still calls home. Jokingly, Ed says, "it is hard for me to go back home to visit my family in the village and stay there for weeks with no running water, electricity or even a septic system. Now, I don't even want to sleep in the rat ridden hut that I called a room for all of my younger years."

Having lived in the United States now for 10 years, Ed enjoys his American life but loves and misses his family members who still live in Africa. "I love America," Ed says. "I love everything that America has to offer especially the great food and diversity of so many cultures in one place," he added.

According to Ed, he is here to show people that you can experience humor through hardship. Ed considers himself a "comedian's comedian" and not an actor comedian who plays out jokes written by other people. He writes his own material stemming from his real life experiences which inspire his comedic routines.

He begins traveling the country this year with a full arsenal of fresh and original comedic material covering topics of African culture, American culture, politics, current events, human sexuality, marriage, pop culture, and race. To find out more about Ed Blaze, his show dates, and get the latest news, become a fan on Facebook or visit