Dummy CCTV can be a Clever Security Solution says Crime Prevention Products

October 14, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
While a Dummy Security Camera can offer both an effective crime deterrent and appealing cash savings compared to real CCTV, leading security providers such as Crime Prevention Products stress the need for consumers to find the right product for their particular needs. If a person or business resides in a high risk crime area for example, it is best not to cut corners too much and install both real and dummy CCTV.

For many properties however, a Dummy Security Camera will be sufficient to keep opportunistic criminals at bay in most cases they will simply move on to less secure targets rather than take the risk of getting caught on camera. At a fraction of the price of real CCTV, not to mention removing the trouble of keeping taped recordings, this type of protection is an attractive solution for peace of mind.

There are other factors though to consider when choosing the right Dummy Security Camera. Firstly, while there are ultra cheap products on the market, buying one that looks obviously fake will be a waste of money. Ideally, consumers should choose to buy from respected companies who offer products that are built in real CCTV Camera casings (or 'housings'), so that they are unrecognisable from the real thing even to the experienced criminal.

Terry Rattee, owner of Crime Prevention Products says, 'Having been involved in the security industry for many years, we try to guide and encourage customers not only to opt for the protection that fits their individual circumstances best, but also to buy the kind of quality that will reliably keep them safe.'

When choosing a Dummy Security Camera, buyers are well advised to take the following into consideration to make sure they get the right product:

1. Dummy Camera's built with a flashing light draw a criminal's attention to the fact that they are present and in operation.
2. Most decoy camera's come with false cable connected to them to look more authentic, some of these can be fitted by the supplier into a conduit, completing their realism.
3. If a property already has real CCTV, it is best to ask the supplier to match the Dummy Security Camera to them in appearance as much as possible.
4. Owners of real CCTV cameras are required by law to give notice to the public via warning signs that they are being monitored. Thus it is a good mark of authenticity to purchase these warning signs not only could their absence be a giveaway to criminals, in many cases offenders will not even venture into a property if they see them.
5. The placement and type of Dummy Security Camera is important, since there are different types available for indoor and outdoor use. For example, if a person has high ceilings in their home or office they should consider a Dome style camera. There are even internal quality dummy cameras that are motorised and will sweep through 180 degrees, making it look as if the camera is watching a complete area of view. For larger outdoor areas such as large buildings, storage yards or car parks, then the use of a larger professional model is called for.

Terry Rattee of Crime Prevention Products concludes, 'Whether for the home or office, with care and forethought you can implement a Dummy CCTV Camera System that will offer effective protection without hurting your pocket.'