October 15, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
ATLANTA, Oct. 15, 2009 In order to meet the growing demand for products that offer more fiber and high satiety, AHD International has developed a new website for LuraLean®, a high fiber, multifunctional ingredient showing great success abroad that is set to take the North American markets by storm.

LuraLean's® high fiber is a multifunctional ingredient that is being successfully used in producing baked goods, dairy products, salad dressings, processed meats, pastas, soups, beverages, pastry fillings, meal replacement shakes and even in baby foods.

AHD International's LuraLean® interacts with liquid in the stomach to swell to nearly 200 times its original size. Once expanded in the system, LuraLean promotes a feeling of satiety while traveling through the gastrointestinal tract, causing individuals to eat less. Additionally, LuraLean® acts as a magnet, attracting and binding excess oils and calories and carrying them out of the system through normal digestion. AHD manufactures LuraLean using a proprietary extraction process that delivers a raw material that is free of enzymes and impurities, ensuring it does not break down as it passes through the gastro-intestinal tract like other fibers.

AHD International president John Alkire noted "Because LuraLean® expands to 200 times its original size only after it reaches the stomach, just a small amount is required to deliver high fiber content and satiety. LuraLean® is the perfect ingredient for manufacturers who want to create a broad range of high fiber foods, without the end product being overly dense or lacking in taste."

About AHD International:
AHD International is a major supplier of the highest quality new-to-market nutraceutical ingredients and functional food products to manufacturers, wholesalers and food companies worldwide. For more information on AHD's wholesale nutraceutical and functional food ingredients call 404-233-4022 or visit www.ahdintl.com or www.luralean.com.