Wix Helps Its Users Optimize Their Flash Websites for Google

October 19, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Earlier this year Wix.com, one of the web's most recognizable free Flash website builder platforms, launched a slew of new features which included: eCommerce shop websites, new image galleries, twitter feed integration within a website and all new website templates, designed to fit any niche and any market.

Wix's most recent launch goes the extra mile and tackles new territory by teaching Wix website builders everything they need to know about optimizing their website for Google and other search engines. This is particularly noteworthy as for the first time a flash website can be optimized for search engines.

Laying Out Spider Food
Seomywix.com launched by Wix.com gives its readers' detailed information on how to best optimize websites to appear on the most relevant search results. Many website builders and owners still believe that all it takes is a visually interesting website and content to get their site to appear on search result pages. Of course, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Even though Wix websites are Flash based, they are extremely SEO friendly. Wix provides its users with control over several crucial search related settings such as Meta titles, descriptions, headers and keywords. Wix also converts all the texts included in the website into xml code within the site's source to make it easier for search engine to crawl and index the website site based on its content.

Delving deeper into SEO tactics
The blog's topics include amongst other things: "Avoiding duplicate content", "4 things Google loves about texts" and "why isn't my site listed in Google?" all written in the simplest of terms, making this crucial information readily available to any user. Search engine optimization doesn't just increase visibility online; it can also increase credibility. Visitors trust websites that have been deemed worthy by the search engines. A high ranking search result means more eyeballs for your site's link and in turn, more visitors.

One of Wix's biggest strengths is derived from the fact that there are no complicated design aspects to learn and no programming languages are needed for its users to create a highly visual website from scratch in a very short period of time.

"We know that one of the most difficult aspects of creating your own website is knowing where to begin" says Allon Bloch, Wix CEO, "planning and creating a web design can be compared to staring at a blank canvas without any idea of what to paint, which is why we're constantly updating our website with visually striking Flash templatesto edit and make their own".