Wireless Cables, Inc. has sponsored the development of OpenProximity 2.0, an Open-Source software for Bluetooth® Proximity Marketing.

October 21, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Santa Cruz, CA (PRLEAP) October 21, 2009-Wireless Cables, Inc. has sponsored the development of OpenProximity 2.0, an Open-Source software for Bluetooth® Proximity Marketing.


OpenProximityTM 2.0 is based on Open-Source tools with highly developed, mature code. In development since November 2007, it is the first Open Source Commercial Grade Proximity Marketing system, and is quickly becoming the industry standard for Bluetooth-based proximity marketing applications. The system is intentionally generic to allow for individual customization to meet your developing needs. An Open Source license allows you that freedom. OpenProximity has a rich plug-in system that provides a powerful interface for customization (AIRcable and 3rd parties can implement plugins for you if you are unable to do so). Open-Source means: increased security, superior reliability, and continuous professional development on all fronts because it is free and supported by the community. http://sites.google.com/a/aircable.net/aircable/Home/openproximity-2-0 [Find out more about OpenProximity 2.0 or Download Now!]

The Ability to Generating Revenue with Open-Source

The foundation of the business case for Open-Source is high reliability and cost-effectiveness. Since Open-Source software is peer-reviewed, you do not end up spending time and money maintaining it, because it is, in a sense, continuously being maintained by the community that is using it. Because of this, it is more reliable than closed, proprietary software. Mature open-source code is as bulletproof as software gets. The Open-Source model has a lot to offer the business world. It provides a way for many companies and individuals to collaborate on a product that none of them could achieve alone. The Open-Source model also promotes rapid bug-fixes and changes that the user asks for, done to the user's own schedule. These things alone are significant in cost savings to individual companies using it. Above and beyond all of the reasons that Open- Source is so cost effective, there is the revenue that can be generated utilizing Proximity Marketing based on these Open-Source tools.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing is the ability to perform real-time marketing/advertising relevant to a targeted audience within an immediate proximity/location. Proximity Marketing works by utilizing a Bluetooth host that performs continuous inquiries to gather new targets such as a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. The host basically has two processes: find the target, and communicate with it. You literally scan the air in order to gather information about how many people go by, with which devices, what time, etc. You can then create a campaign such that when a "target" is located, the Bluetooth host sends any number of possible marketing items including: images, URLs, Java games, ring tones, and brochures.

Extending the Range

Regular Bluetooth devices are limited in range to 10m which means that as people walk through a designated area, the Bluetooth host will locate a moving "target" but there will be limited time to send relevant marketing information to that target before the target disappears. A way to avoid this problem is to extend the range of the Bluetooth host from 10m to hundreds of meters. The http://aircable.net/host-xr2.html [AIRcable Host XR2] will greatly extend the range allowing more time to deliver your marketing campaign to relevant subjects. The http://aircable.net/host-xr2.html [AIRcable Host XR2] is diverse enough to accommodate almost any location, even locations that are solar powered.

Creative Applications Including Ways to Generate Revenue

Experience the marketing freedom that the Host XR2 can provide with its multiple use, long range capability:

- Provide retail coupons to local stores in a mall.

- Provide information on paintings in a museum as you pass in front of it.

- Provide instant coupons for coffee as you park near a coffee house.

- Announce a special at the concession stands at a base ball/football game.

- Provide relevant information on bus and train schedules at their respective stations.

- Send URLs to encourage web browsing which generates revenue to cell phone providers as well as potential revenue to those corresponding web sites.

About Wireless Cables Inc.

Wireless Cables Inc., based in Santa Cruz, California, manufactures and sells long-range Bluetooth®-based wireless devices for communication with Mobile Phones, PDAs, PCs, and sensors under the brand name AIRcable™. Wireless Cables Inc. also makes Bluetooth-based hardware for various applications. Their three main markets are: cable replacement, wireless sensors, and the new cutting edge arena of proximity marketing.

Additional information on Wireless Cables Inc. can be found at http://www.aircable.net.