Hardcore Credit Card Debt Relief Options Explained by Totaldebtrelief.net

October 21, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Most top economists are in agreement - the great recession has technically ended. But for the average American out there who has felt the brunt of the recession, credit card debt continues to be an issue. Consumer advocate Totaldebtrelief.net offers consumers debt relief advice.

Credit card debt - it is what it is; a fact of everyday life. Yet this debt threatens to cripple any economic recovery. It also has consumers from coast to coast miserable.

If one believes what they are force fed on the TV and radio commercials, one would think that bankruptcy is the solution to credit card debt. Wrong! Bankruptcy causes an insane amount of collateral damage and is clearly not the remedy for credit card debt.

Debt Relief - consumers want and deserve the cold hard facts. Time is of the essence. To be successful, one needs to pounce on the true debt relief solutions which exist.

Consumers have heard of and are for the most part somewhat familiar with debt consolidation, home equity loans, and even consumer credit counseling, but the most effective of all debt relief programs that provides the ultimate reduction of credit card debt is a program known as Debt Settlement.

Debt Settlement - relatively new to the table, but ridiculously successful. This credit card debt relief program works by a debt settlement firm negotiating on the consumer's behalf with the consumer's creditors to extract concessions in the amount of debt that is owed.

In a typical debt settlement program, credit card debt is reduced by at least 50%, and in many cases credit card debt can be reduced by up to 75%. This is the essence of debt relief.

Totaldebtrelief.net offers consumers a free debt evaluation which they can take advantage of at the company's website as listed below.