Utilising Spirituality for Business Health

October 25, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Queensland ,Australia - October 25, 2009 - Australian author Freda Pearl Maddern has written this very timley book to assist and support businesses and employees in this constantly changing world. It is published on lulu.com, the online marketplace for digital content.

Freda wrote this work of a spiritual non-fiction showing readers, in her 264 page book, "Golden Keys", ways to successfully transform the business world to its higher model and shatter old paradigms of fear, control, greed and ego. "Golden Keys" sets the spiritual framework for human introspection, leading towards abundance for businesses. Activation of the "Golden Keys" within each chapter enables peoples veil of forgetfulness to be dissolved, bringing people into their higher selves, thus breaking human bondage and creating mastership of these destructive habits. "Golden Keys" sanctions altruistic princilpes, bringing greater integrity and love into the workplace environment.

With perception, Freda writes creatively form the heart. Her book took 4 years to write as time was limited by work and family commitments. She is now a proud, first time published author an lulu.com.

Simple but effective meditation exercises within each chapter help to bring balance and harmony into peoples lives, along with powerful affirmations to enable better commmunication and support for staff members and customers in this new millennium.

This book about business health really confirms that we alone control our lives, and businesses, by the power of our minds and thought patterns. Our choices, based on thought patterns, are our own individual responsibilities, be they positive or negative.

"Golden Keys" is for the present and the future of business. It can be purchased on lulu.com