Decode Car Hire sets the new car hire industry standards for transparency and low cost car hire services.

October 27, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Decode Car Hire has recently launched its new, innovative and user-friendly website that allows people all around the world the chance to reserve car hires in all major locations. Although Decode Car Hire was founded in March of 2008, they have been rapidly building up their reputation as an industry leader. Consider this: "Decode Car Hire is a unique member of car hire market!". Decode Car Hire is totally dedicated to its customers by providing them all the necessary pre-booking information as well as post-rental support. The company motto is being totally transparent towards its customers. The company's primary goal is to provide low cost and budget car hire services. Decode Car Hire team is dedicated to finding the highest quality possible car rental suppliers for its customers.

This year, Decode Car Hire has taken a proactive approach to providing customers with low prices to some of the world's top destinations. Fancy a car hire in Milan? Pay only 150 EUR for an economy air conditioned car. Other weekly prices for popular destinations include car hire Sofia Bulgaria for just 85 EUR, car hire in Dubrovnik Croatia for under 175 EUR. Finally, the first place UK tourist destination of Malaga Spain is only for 77 EUR per week! Do not miss their season saving car hire sales offered at a special rate of 15% off!

In the summer of 2009 Decode Car Hire stepped into some of the most competitive car hire markets in Spain's popular tourist destinations such as Alicante, Malaga, Murcia, Tenerife and others. The highly competitive markets proved to be a difficult proposition for the young company. Many of the car hire suppliers in Spain were sold out months before the start of the peak car hire season. A spokesperson for Decode Car Hire said, "The lack of available cars in Spain is a major point of concern to both customers and brokerage companies." He went on to speak about how Decode Car Hire used this as a learning experience to get ready for the 2010 summer season. "We have doubled our car hire supplier base to make sure that our customers are able to find vehicles in these popular locations," the Decode Car Hire spokesperson explained. They have also taking this opportunity to educate future customers on the importance of booking reservations well in advance to counteract the the effects of the high season.

Social networks are becoming increasingly popular among internet users. Decode Car Hire has recently developed an interactive Facebook application for people to reserve car hire directly from their Facebook accounts. Decode Car Hire aims to stay on the cutting edge of the popular social trends on the internet. They are also working on projects to include Twitter, MySpace, blog pages and other related social networking activities into their strategy. It is apparent that Decode Car Hire is ready to use these new methods in an attempt to capture a part of the market that has gone relatively untapped.

The Decode Car Hire website is setting the precedent for a low cost car hire brokerage company that puts the customer first. It is possible to visit their new and improved website at to reserve your car hire right now. While waiting for your confirmation to be approved check your destinations travel guides, useful tips and driving rules pages.

For more information about Decode Car Hire, you can go to the website and visit the contacts page for email address and phone numbers to contact them directly.